The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


We can do without his posts from another fucking forum.


Chelsea United game isn’t boring at all been a cracking game tbh.

@Burgundy been my best transfer of the season bought him for GW2 and never left my team since.


MORATA! 1-0 Some header!


Was this you?


(snip /mod)



Wtf happened to Watford?


Morata totally putting Lukaku in the shade.

Chelsea should be at least 3-0 up though FFS.


So Everton came back from 2-0 down to win against a side we lost to a few weeks ago ? :rofl:


Everton are such lucky buggers. I’d love to see them relegated (in spite of the fact that Arsenal beating Everton has the biggest number of wins of any fixture in English football)



4 of the last 5 season seasons the Title races have all been rather boring haven’t they ? All 7 points + with 13/14 season being the exception when Gerard slipped vs Chelsea and then they blew a 3-0 lead vs Palace.



What happened to Mourinho’s genius tactics today?


The bus had a hole in it.



City paying $1.15 in early November :rofl:


The Premier League is so competitive and interesting it is the league where we have the biggest gap between the 1st and the 2nd :hipster:


In terms of competitiveness Serie B > The rest of the World :wink:

The whole league’s separated by 10 points, it’s nuts, though you don’t need me to tell you that.

Edit - For people who don’t follow Serie B


As Parma are my team in Italy, i follow Serie B every week.

What i was saying is that the Premier League is the most boring ever this season.


I’d still watch a PL game over Serie A game all day


Like you want, but don’t say it is more competitive because you clearly watch only one league.


I know mate that’s kinda why I said

I can see where you’re coming from the league looks like it done already and it’s only November but to be fair the the fight for the top 4 is still as competitive as ever.

And we’re the perfect example of that, we’re only 4 points off 2nd after playing away to the likes of City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Stoke, it’s kind of crazy when you think about it.