The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


It makes me laugh when people say the PL is competitive because different teams win it. Different teams win it because no English club is stable enough to perform consistently, or even put two good seasons together in a row. Because City are great then awful then great, while Juventus are consistently great, doesn’t mean the PL is any better for it.

Leicester won the league because every other club in the country was a complete pile of shit. If I was a foreign neutral that’d probably be the turning point for my interest.


Hmmm even if I knew that Juventus would win the league again, i’d still prefer Serie A matches. That’s where the entertainment is at the moment. Besides, who bloody cares who is favourite or who will probably win?! I mean, I watched Stoke v Leicester yesterday, what’s the point? neither are going to win the league. It’s because I like football.

I’ll always watch the PL. Even the likes of West Brom v Stoke. It’s my league so it will always come first. But I just find other leagues more entertaining sometimes. Plus, the best players in the world are not found in England.



Competitivenes isn’t everything when measuring quality, not even when measuring entertainment. Entertainment wise the 2016 season was one of the worse for me, it’s only because Leicester won it that people believe it was a great season for entertainment.


Palace doing well atm.
Tottenham hoofing the ball lol!


Commentator just said they might have “Midday kick-off-itis” I think that was the polite way of saying this game is shit, lol.


WTF was that from Kane?
FFS! I thought it was in for Palace!
0-0 HT. Average first half for Tottenham.


Thierry’s coat haha


Ahhh what was the keeper doing? Should have come out sooner. Can’t believe Zaha missed though! Must have been easier to score!


Here we go. 1-0 Tottenham.
Kane just falls on his arse here.


Using 4 points to bring Kane into your Fantasy team. And then changing the captain from Salah to Kane.



How are Palace not drawing this?
Llorente on for Kane.
What a miss from Son!
Son wastes again.


The mans got good taste :wink: though I prefer his for the peak lapel. Flawless.



I’m defo delboy


You’re a lot hotter than Del-boy :wink:


Lucky Spurs win.


Ha nice. Honestly for a few seconds thought it was Liam Payne.


My eyes aren’t as tiny you can trust me


So much for the competitiveness of the Premier League, City are 10-1-0 +31 GD, that’s Celtic style numbers in the SPL.


Tell this to @GunnerGirl