The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Doesn’t help the fact that I can’t trust anything which is accused of being rigged.

One of the reasons why I don’t follow cricket anymore.
If a major incident happens in PL in that regards, I would be done with it as well.

Whenever I end up watching Seria A, I can’t help but feel that I am watching something scripted.


Popular actually does mean good. It means people want to consume your product, the majority of people. The other leagues are out there and available yet they aren’t consumed as much. There is much less demand for their shitty product and much more demand for the superior PL product.


No, it really doesn’t. If popular meant good then according to sales Dan Brown would potentially be one of the greatest ever English language authors. But he isn’t, his books are absolute dogshit.

Popular often can mean good. For what’s it’s worth, in the case of the PL, it has become popular because it is good. IMO.

But popular and good are not synonyms.


This. You should just watch it this season to see how competitive it is. It’s the only league in the world where 5 teams can win it.


So true, it’s always thrilling to see which one of 5 teams will win Serie A



Oh yes. Been saying this for years. :fist_left:


This year the top premier league teams have raised their level significantly, especially in Europe. However the gap in quality between a mid table premier league team and a la liga team in a similar position is significant. They have a much better pool of talent and a better tactical approach to games that moves away from the Tony Pulis method of just staying afloat.


Yep people will often praise the PL then moan about any game not containing the top 6 and half the clashes where he top 6 face each other are considered dull anyway.

Last season I watched a few mid table La Liga games with the likes of Celta Vigo and Las Palmas and they were always good value.


Ok, don’t think Juventus are gonna win it easily this season though.


Bilic is set to get sacked. Moyes to replace him. Good luck West Ham.

No Lloris, Alli and Alderweireld for Tottenham against Palace!


Serie A isn’t competitive, in the last 10 years only 3 teams have won it, and Inter and Juventus had a streak of winning it


Read what i have just written. Thanks.


Top 6/7 in the Premier League:

City 28
United 23
Tottenham 20
Chelsea 19
Arsenal 19
Liverpool 19
Burnley 19

Serie A:

Napoli 31
Inter 29
Lazio 28
Juventus 28
Roma 24 (one game in hand)
Sampdoria 23 (one game in hand)


Yeah I know what you meant, put the smiley underneath to show that I was just being playful :slightly_smiling_face:


They probably will win it again, if Napoli wins it then I’ll agree Serie A is improving, people watch leagues for competitiveness too, when people see Juve winning it every year it sucks the fun out, like the PL hasn’t had a back to back winner in ages


I am talking atm though. The Premier League is done and dusted for City, while Serie A is wide open.


We can change that today :grinning: Top 4 race looks good still, 4 teams joint on 9 points, and if City win it there’s still a variety in league winners since it isn’t a back to back title


You are comparing the top 4 with the race for the title in Serie A :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Lol talking about other leagues not being competitive is going to be funny when City walk the league this season.

Aside from that weird year with Leicester, only 3 teams are ever in our title race to be honest.


Just like Juve for the past 5 seasons?