The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Yes, I’ve watched the likes of Atletico, Sevilla, Villarreal, but I have more of an interest in PL’s 3rd-6th teams as I can relate to them more, what happens in other leagues isn’t important to a fan of Arsenal. I’m not a regular watcher of those leagues but I’ve experienced them to know what they’re about, is what I’m saying.


Oh ok… take note everyone… erase all those other threads.


Yeah it is the point because attachement to the team or league is a big factor as to if the games excite you or not.


That means she isn’t interested though. That’s different. If she isn’t interested that is perfectly fine. But to say it is boring is crap. She doesn’t comment in any of the other league threads / you know, where people who actually watch the matches post.


I dunno that’s semantics. If Villareal and Betis were in a 10 goal thrilling match i probably still wouldnt be interested and I’d be bored watching.


You’re a glory hunter too though. I prefer to listen to people who don’t think Theo is a world beater


That isn’t what I’m saying, how does the result of Barca v Madrid effect Arsenal in any way? I have no attachment to La Liga as I don’t support a club in that league. I have an attachment to PL supporting a club in that league. So I enjoy PL more since the results are more relevant to me. You can enjoy the football in those leagues sure and that’s why the threads exist.


You said all other leagues were boring. You’d only know that if you watched every match.

Like I said, what you meant is you are not interested in them. Which, as I have said a lot, is perfectly fine. Just don’t pretend otherwise.


Yep, boring because I don’t support a team in those leagues, if I did I’d find it more interesting. And I’ve already explained the whole PL atmosphere and exciting football compared to European leagues


Ah I get ya. Anything you don’t like is boring. Cool :+1:


Yes this 1000x’s this. Makes a ton of sense in the context of the conversation tbh.


This thread is spicy af right now :100: :ok_hand: :joy:

Well done to everyone involved :clap:


Do you know what this thread needs? A picture of you with God* I don’t think many people have seen it.



Yeah there was no need to drag this on for so long lol. Everyone has preferences


I don’t know what has happened to leagues around in last couple of years because I haven’t watched any football from other leagues.

However when I used to, I found every league to be massively boring compared to PL. The speed of football, quality of players, dull commentary, Seria A & La Liga coverage never used to be bright making it even more dull on top of their dull environment.
Over here, no other league gets the punditry treatment over half time or between matches, something which makes PL a bit more time exciting.

PL just has all the elements right which makes the viewing of even crappiest teams pleasurable. They have a great marketing team.

That said, there was a massive element of lack of interest in other matches due to absence of Arsenal. So It is difficult to be rational.

For me, Viewing interest goes down as follows
Eredevisie (something romantic about that league)
La Liga
Ligue 1
Seria A

This is not league rankings rather just which leagues I happen to enjoy watching. Completely subjective.



People living in 2012 in regards to Serie A


People living in the stone age for every league. Every league other than the PL is boring. Who cares if I have ever watched it, that is my the opinion. It is crap. I mean the PL is the best leage in the world. Just watch MOTD… oh…


Hmm wonder why the PL rights get sold for billions of dollars but every other league in the world is largely ignored. Guess it’s cause the PL is inferior and less exciting.


Popular doesn’t mean good. NFL, MLB…