The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


If its atmosphere you are after then I suggest you take up following some of the Eastern European League’s, or for the right balance German football probably suits, in terms of atmosphere and quality.


Well there aren’t more PL games on TV. Check your TV guide. Plus La Liga especially - a lot of games are available on the red button.

And just checked. There are 5 Serie A games on BT Sport tomorrow.

And perhaps that is how it comes across on TV. But actually being there, the atmosphere is decent. I’ve been to lots of games abroad. I mean even an MLS game I went to had a better atmosphere than the Emirates!


West Ham really are the worst



The Phil Neville thing is probably worse.


Phil Neville-David Moyes. How to relegate a team.


I always think what people really mean when they say one league is better over another is that the one they’re talking about is their favourite.

The things that make people have a preference are completely subjective anyway.


Oh for sure, like Calum admitted. Which is totally fair enough. I just don’t like it when people say it’s boring when they never watch it, and give incorrect facts like the PL is on TV more. If only it was.


How do you know what leagues I watch and don’t watch? :joy: PL is my favourite league because it’s more exciting than La Liga and Bundesliga in my experience


Aside from the fact that you don’t comment on anything other than the PL, you said this after you were asked if you watched any other European League.


Not a regular watcher of other European leagues but I have watched La Liga and Bundesliga enough to have a preference for the PL


I don’t think you have watched them enough to be honest. Sorry if you have. But I don’t believe you have watched anyone but the big teams. Have you ever watched Levante or Fiorentina for example? Probably no.


I genuinely prefer to watch Championship and League one fixtures than any European league


Nah. League 2 is where it is at


But even if they play good football why would anyone give a flying fuck about those teams?


You also rate Giroud and think Rafa is a top manager, good football could hit you in the face and you wouldn’t recognize it.


That is not the point. She said all other leagues were boring. I’m just wondering how she came to that conclusion. I mean, she must watch every team to think that, right?


You don’t need to watch full 90 mins of every teams to fully judge, it’s a personal preference, I prefer the NLD to El Clasico, as it’s something to be excited about as an Arsenal fan, whereas El Clasico is just a neutral game to me. I’d rather watch 2 small PL teams than 2 small La Liga/Bundesliga teams, as for me there’s a better vibe/atmosphere about a PL game, and the game is generally more exciting, end to end


Yeah my question was if you watched anyone other than Barca and Madrid?

Edit: you may want to reword what you are saying. You like the PL and are not interested in the other leagues. Rather than saying the other leagues are crap when you don’t watch them.


Your post is really unnecessary tbh. It’s personal preference, what’s “good football” got to do with anything here?

I prefer to watch Championship and League one because I can relate better to the clubs playing and have more interest in English domestic football. It’s that simple, My interest in European football is only trivial tbh I’d rather not pretend I’m some phoney footballing connoisseur


Preach it :ok_hand:t2: Love league football. I go watch Colchester and Stevenage from League 2 all the time. And have some family in the NW so go watch Blackpool.