The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


I watch La Liga and Bundesliga sometimes, Barca and Madrid are entertaining but rest of the league, meh… doesn’t have the same vibe as the PL, where even smaller teams can be entertaining like Watford this season

As for Serie A and Ligue 1 on rare occasions if I’m really bored, it’s hard to keep up with 4 leagues, Ligue 1 isn’t really popular and the football in Serie A is generally slow and static. If you don’t support teams in those leagues it’s difficult to have a passion for it


Oh fuck!


Loool West Ham are a shambles


Lol only people who don’t watch the leagues say Barca and Real Madrid are the only entertaining teams. Madrid have been pretty poor this season actually. The other teams can be pretty entertaining. But i’m guessing you don’t watch any of those games.


@GunnerGirl, Serie A was static some years ago, not now with 5 teams fighting for the title.
It’s about loving football though. So a supporter should just watch his team?


FFS! Should have been 2-3.


Yeah Serie A is my fave at the moment. Obviously Fiorentina are my team, hoping for a European place :grimacing:


Difficult. The top 5 are unreachable :grimacing:


Hasn’t Serie A got an extra place now though? So 6th place goes into the EL qualification round?



You are right!


What a finish from Salah!


Well, 1-4.


It’s small things like atmosphere and better broadcasting of games in PL that puts it ahead La Liga

Don’t have a connection to other leagues teams since I don’t support them, so you don’t have the same passion, like when Chelsea, United, Spurs lose its a good feeling. If Barca, Madrid etc win, draw, lose, it’s the same feeling


Do you mean more games, or better pundits?


4-1 Lolerpool FT. They didn’t even play well. It was just West Ham who were shit.


I think West Ham are going to be yet another PL team to be looking for a new manager.


Half of my family and friends support West Ham and they all seem to love him still. Just depends if the owners want to go against the fans.

My mate is a season ticket holder and he actually text earlier, saying, “Just thinking after that first half I miss football 20 years ago. People bang on about tika taka passing but give me a player who’ll take a man on any day. That’s what we lack.”

You lack more than that, mate.


Some of the foreign league broadcasts on UK TV have commentators sat in a studio somewhere watching the game on satellite. That’s why atmosphere sounds poor.


I miss football of 20 years ago but for rather different reasons.


More games and a better atmosphere. Stadiums are always full and in good spirits