The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Bournemouth score right at the end.


Jake Humphrey really is a such a dick.

Surely BT can get better. Can tell Gerrard and Lampard think he’s a twat :joy:


His career went down hill since Bamzooki for me!

Hoping this game is better than some of the trash that was on early on this afternoon.


Chamberlain playing in midfield. This should be interesting.


Yeah, the Match Of The Day editors are going to earn their money tonight.


Such a PL Snob.

Give me West Ham Vs Liverpool over Dortmund vs Bayern every day!!


Cocky scottish. @Persona disagrees with you.


Probably going to be more goals in the West Ham Liverpool match to be fair. Both have defensive mistakes in them, though Lovren isn’t playing, which is a shame.


How on earth is that cocky?! Lol


West Ham’s defence already looks dreadful haha


Christ! You never get my jokes :hipster:


Other leagues are quite boring to watch, always something exciting in the PL


You need to explain it Luca :wink:


I guess you never watch football outside the Premier League.


Ok, next time :wink:


Dybala is never boring to watch :heart_eyes:


Guess she doesn’t even know who Dybala, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are :smile:


Ayew post!




Typical german.