The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Or just prefer not to pass judgment/give advice/speak in a belittling way to someone we don’t know over the internet…

Say what you want about Luca, but he certainly talks less shit than you do, even if you include his overly passionate Italian post-loss breakdowns.


This place has been so confrontational lately. :zipper_mouth_face:


I think the request for Luca to stop posting pointless fixtures was fine. He should stick to ingame scores and lineups.

But what I’m not entirely sure about is @Trion (can you believe him of all people lol) taking it upon himself to give shitty life lessons and advice to someone else he doesn’t really know and probably never will. It’s wholly unnecessary.


Isn’t it hypocritical of you to say not speak in belittling way while you do that to me all the time?


No it hasn’t you cunt!


I see it this way

There are 2 assumptions -

My assumption - GFI has an unhealthy obsession
If I am wrong, nothing happens.
If I am right, small chance GFI rectifies it.

Other assumption - GFI is fine & dandy
If that is right, nothing happens
If that is wrong, GFI continues his obsession

Worst case scenario of one assumption is clearly worse than the other.

You mods yourself complain all the fucking time about his posting.
Posters have shouted abuse at him for his likes.
He has been told to edit posts & update it.

It is massive hypocrisy to say one aspect of it is bad but overall it is okay.


I speak in a belittling way toward you based on the content (shit) of your posts. That is different than making some weird inferences about your personal life which I have no clue about and talking about that. I’m all for people speaking belittling towards content that deserves a belittling attitude. That is called avoiding euphemism and roundabout talking. I’m not for people taking up a belittling tone based on their 99% imagined/projected idea of another poster’s life, especially when based on the one thing we can judge them on–the content of their posts re: the subject at hand (football)–they have no business being belittling.


(I have no idea what that means but it’s actually kinda hilarious)


I am basing on the same.
His content and proportion & frequency of the content is immensely shit.

I adviced him to reduce his posting. You are the one who stretched it further to make it a ‘life lesson’.

advice on reducing the post is not life lesson.


Lol yeah, you’re right, it’s clearly me who turned it into life lessons. I see your arguments are just as porous and disingenuous when arguing about this as about football…


Yeah what about it?
I called an obsession an obsession. Where’s the life lesson in that?


So the Premier League then… Great league


Is there an element of hypocrisy in a guy who does nothing but argue and post memes in every corner of the forum telling someone else not to spam?

Further more; all jokes aside Trion opened up to us for support. He should be just as entitled to throw his two cents in as anyone else. I doubt a single person here doesn’t have at least one skeleton in the closet.


Not when the guy has only posted 2500 post during his time here.
GFI has 12000

Seriously why are you guys encouraging his obsession?


There was a time not too long ago when post counts were celebrated.

It isn’t up for us to decide for him though. If you honestly think his level of activity a real concern, then public shaming probably isn’t the correct way to go about helping him.

If however you are fishing for a bite then yeah spot on, works like a charm. :smile:


I began as a polite suggestion.
Once AC got involved, I admit there was an element of that.

Upon reflection I came across too harsh on Luca. Sorry @Luca_from_Italy




I timed it. Took him 8 seconds to like it.



Wow. Aside from it looking like a Welsh village, 1 league win for United at the Bridge in 15 years is not a great record – especially considering that one win came in a game where they had a 2 man advantage. Chelsea win incoming.