The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


City up already. Bloody pointless Sky choosing to show that match instead of ours!



Take your screenshots of the league table NOW :sunglasses:




Kane again FFS!


My avatar is calling me. It’s been too long, old friend


Someone stops Kane! He is a fucking machine!


Kane might crack 30 league goals lol.


Oh boy, that should’ve been a pelanty for Middlesbrough :grimacing:

That could be the call we look back on in an hours time


That Kane fella is a fucking nobody


Are watford even deciding to play today? Honestly, it’s on days like this where I wonder about the status of some of the premiership teams


I’d rather have Welbeck


I’ve gone for the record breaker today, had a few quid on 10-0 Man City as soon as they went 1 nil up


Liverpool have scored.



So that’s it. Going to Wien next season.


Great goal too, Wijnaldum


If you’re angry now (not that you should be really), wait until you see the incident involving Bamford :eyes:

Would and should have been Middlesbrough a goal up


Boro been unlucky this season they have had so many pen shouts not gone their way.


The run has finally come to an end. Middlesbrough couldn’t score in a whore house.

Any chance to keep Ozil/Sanchez?


Just offer them crazy money. United did it with Pogba and Ibra to convince them to play in the Europa League.


That’s what I’d do, but that seems like a very un-Arsenal way to do business.

The summer will be interesting.