The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread

Loved it mate. Surprised at how vocal the fans are.
Made a great sound. Football without corporate is still a thing

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I don’t know if you should laugh or cry but…

Spurs are 1 point behind us whilst playing Burnley, Brentford and Norwich in their next 3, whilst we have Newcastle, United and Everton away.

Spurs will be above us after 15 games despite sacking a manager, whilst we have supposedly made progress lol.


All look just as likely to score as them atm

That’s something at least.

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The top 3 are just that much better than everyone else, going to be a huge gap between 3rd and 4th by Jan.


Oh come on, we drew with Chelsea when Martinelli ran the whole pitch, scored and did that cool celebration. That’s basically it.

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Weren’t that Emery?

Loving the direction they are marching. Keep going lads.


Emery was sacked in November 2019. That game was January 2020

You don’t know this.

Newcastle, United and Everton are all in the bottom 5 of the form table. Everton being rock bottom. While we are 6th.

We’ll revisit in 3 games time.

You’d have also been saying how we are above Liverpool in the form table before Anfield no doubt.

Well, actually, based on last 5 games we still have the same number of points as them :sweat_smile:

Seriously though, Liverpool are a different level. I don’t think we should read too much into that game. And I don’t see why we can’t get all 3 points from Everton and Newcastle. United are a mystery right now because we don’t know who’ll be in charge or if they will persist with building around Ronaldo. But I don’t imagine they’ll have their act together by next Thursday. Hopefully Chelsea will exhaust them at the weekend.


I think we’ll beat Newcastle, expect a draw at best at OT and not confident of a win at Goodison either. We simply barely create chances away from home so it’s hard to be confident.

Spurs could drop points also though even with that run, as put simply they aren’t very good.


Buendia dropped for Ashley Young. :sob:
Ings on the bench too, Bailey starts instead.

Fucking hell.

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He’s still…playing? Wtf.

He was the difference maker for them last week, yeah. :rofl:

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Bird poop is the secret to eternal youth.


Palace should be scoring any minute now.

Good one.

I jinxed them, lol.

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Bailey injured again?