The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


Yeah they’ve had Allardyce not long ago.

I used to watch Fireman Sam RELIGIOUSLY as a kid. I fucking loved it. That video you just posted was like some fucking happy PTSD from my youth. God I love that show.

And Postman Pat. And Pingu. God damn that was some quality tv.


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you were obviously a cool kid like me :sunglasses:

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@Cristo you’re in your early 30s right?

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31 yeah mate, all about that 90s tv babyyyy

I was born in 92, pokemon as well :slight_smile:

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Oh yeah I loved the pokemon tv show - used to watch it on Saturday mornings on ITV I think.

What was that program called again? Live and Kicking? And then there was the one with Ant and Dec and Cat Dealy

Pepe with 6 chance creations. He’s a dangerous player, so handy to have playing in the team even if his play is punctuated by moments of crap


never heard of live and kicking, I know the show you’re on about with ant and dec but was never a fan

Was “pocketed” by williams I heard :roll_eyes: :man_shrugging:


SMTV Live.

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You can be pocketed by a full back, but still create chances via one of the 8 or so set pieces he took or random pot shots team mates took. 30 shots like 5 on target was it? Stats pretty dead.

Yes that’s the one!! God I loved that show haha

Probably has to or the can of worms it opens is to big.

Usually like purple kits, but my God, this Leeds kit is an abomination!

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Things you love to see

Looks nice IMO

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