The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread

How do you do it? Even with fans in the stadium I’d struggle to watch these barn storming fixtures.

Tbf sometimes it’s just background noise. I was reading a book for the majority of that first half.


That’s what ASMR or a fake YouTube fireplace is for. Mediocre football ambiance wouldn’t compliment a nice book for me. Though I do watch most of my games from behind my phone these days because 90 minutes has never felt longer, and that’s strictly talking about Arsenal games.

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How was that a foul just now between Silva and Townsend?

Garbage refs

:joy: I was watching Hobbs and Shaw. Not bad tbf

Decent cross tbf

That Nuno hype train really died a silent death didn’t it? Wolves been up to nothing this season.

They’re probably knackered. They started last season in July 2019 and finished in August 2020. Hardly any pre season. And Nuno likes to work with a small squad. They know they won’t get relegated, so have probably spent most of this season coasting along.


Plus big injuries.

Jimenez, Jonny and now Neto out. Jimenez in particular is such a big miss as he’s ckass and also brings out the best in Traore


To say nothing of Jota leaving and IMO Doherty was a big player for them.

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West Ham playing some good stuff tonight :fire:

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Important getting too half time for Burnley that. Time for Sean too get the boys back on track here.

Just noticed Bale got a hattrick, does that mean he’s on like 10 goals in 700 or so minutes now?

Mad stuff, should’ve been trusted earlier.


Yeah the opponents he has his goals and assists against are pretty dire though, I do think he should have been used more though.

West Ham are playing well here, does keep them in the hunt for a top 4 place and looking good for a EL place should they close it out.

Good save, but really Saint-Maximin should be scoring that. One on one v the keeper.

The thing is, he’s actually shit. I can tell from the two or three games I watched him in.

@Midfield_Maestro :eyes:

Joey Willock again!!! Could have done with his goal scoring boots last night.

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@RockyMaivia…do it

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This is the “easiest” of Leicester’s remaining fixtures as well