The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread

West Ham bottling another 3-0 lead :henry2:

Arteta isn’t even a Moyes disciple.

That shite I watched Vs Benfica was more reminiscent of the awfully boring rangers teams he played in.

He’s a McCleish disciple. Amoruso to Eicksen, to Moore, to Klos and repeat.

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Is that the game where we created a thousand chances and Auba kept missing them?
Or the game where Ceballos tried to knock us out and Saka+Tierney had to save the day again.


Jesse Lingard… 6 goals and 3 assists from 8 matches since signing

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Great return for West Ham but isn’t sustainable, he can be a good player but he’s not that good.


Is he better than Pepe? I’d say he was

Hopefully it’s sustainable for long enough for him to score the winning goal in the Euros final. West Ham taking credit for another international victory is what we all need.

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I can’t disagree at this point, Pepe hasn’t had this kind of run since day dot which is pretty damning.

@Phoebica he’d have to find his shooting boots first, should have had like five goals in the last game he played :joy:

Can’t believe United didn’t join twitter until July 2013 lol


Villa’s first tweet was quality lol, I’m sure people checked if it that was the verified account when they first saw it.


You clearly already had though, you stupid cunts.


Liverpool follow me on Twitter.
Same with Cena. :rofl:

Fulham just can’t score, looks won’t we get final day relegation drama either :sob:


Told ya that they were down.

Probs someone who fawns over xG :man_facepalming:t3: it’s him or Potter for manager of the season I’m sure


I’d rather see Newcastle go down and Fulham stay up. I like a smattering of London clubs in the top league. Who enjoys going to fucking Newcastle, anyway?

Still a chance. Just need to be within 3 points by the last game as they have GD on their side.

Yeah both teams have tough games left – both have to play us :sweat_smile:

And even though Newcastle have more games, I can only see them getting points v Burnley and Sheffield United.

I’ve not been, but everyone I know who has says they had a really great time to be fair.

I like having London clubs in the top flight too though, like you say.