The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread

Harry Kane is 7 goals behind Henry as top scorer in London derbies



How many London derbies have both players been involved in?

Not that it matters, it’s a “stat” I’d only heard about for the first time tonight. Before that I wasn’t aware it was something anyone needed to care about. I mean, does it matter? Kane can score with his nose for all I care, he’ll never be anywhere close to being the player Henry was

(Kane is 25 in the FFT PL 100 in case anyone was wondering :smile: )


Go on Fulham. Lovely cross and lovely header!

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Is that libertadores final! Ah just seen now semi final. First leg between palmeiras and river plate was a great game!


Semi final. 0 0 first leg

Fulham looking on top here. For all of Scotty Parker’s moaning, they look very prepared for this

You’d have to say regardless of tonight that Fulham look better than Brighton for the rest of the season.

Always a shame to see a Spurs winner ruled out for offside

:bergkamp2: :ozil:

Kamara is straight trash.

EDIT: Fulham have the last laugh by claiming a point.

Lily-white bottlers at it again I see, lovely result for the borough of Fulham and Hammersmith :heart:.

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It feels to me football is on a shaky nail atm?

Well Rugby being played so im not sure how the celebrations are worse.
Whether they should be playing is a different argument.

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Villa game postponed.

Ideally, they’d postpone every single football game held in the West Midlands.


Blow for them

That probably rules him out for the likely FA Cup fixture on the 23rd and maybe for the league match on the 26th.

Wolves losing again. It’s become their thing to concede first.

Wolves 2-1 up now. Willy Boly with the second. Has the best name in the league too.

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Why does Big Sam wear his mask on his chin during the game? That would fucking annoy me lol just put it your pocket