The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread

I’m not even watching but I’m just gonna cheer on pool to troll certain members here.

Well done Liverpool, you truly are a good footballing side.


Their manager seems decent. Do you think we can lure him to be Arteta’s assistant?

Milner is a great fucking pro. Turned into a great free transfer that lad.
Be worth his weight in gold for these youngsters.


I’m sure we could but I’m not sure Mr Arteta needs any help. Seems to have everything in hand.

Wouldn’t call him a great pro after the way he left Man City

Why don’t we appoint his assistant manager seeing as it’s worked so well with Manchester City’s

I do enjoy it when Leicester get put back in their box. The hype surrounding them under Rodgers is really quite irritating. Players like Maddison have an arrogant strut that gets on my tits


On a free after his contract expired?

In what way. Don’t recall anything. Went on a free didn’t he.

He did.

He said he wanted to play more in spite of playing 38 games in his final season at Man City.

He also said he wanted to leave to play CM. Went and slotted into LB at Liverpool.

Wow, what a complete monster.

Not a model pro, either

He’s the very definition of that.

Saw out his contract on that basis too.

Can’t be a model pro if you’re going to tell bare faced lies to get a move away from a club.

It must be nice scoring goals, one day we might be able to do that too.

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He didn’t have to tell any lies to get a move. His contract was up.

He’s a great pro. Definition of one tbh. His fitness levels and still wanted around a squad this good.
Great role model for any player to train along side.

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This is a weird hill to die on Dave

He only wanted to play CM but played LB for a different club.

Double standards