The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread

Nice to see the prem signing a new deal with the Chinese over television rights again.

Everton to kick on?

Lol I didn’t realize WBA backline includes Bartley Gibbs and Ajayi.
Maybe they will take Mustafi Kolasinac and co from us now?

Ajayi is alright to be fair. Had a really good season last year, was in quite a few people’s Championship team of the season. Obviously the PL is another level, but he looks solid enough to at least be able to do a job for a bottom half PL team.

Wow that goal

Wait is that the young player Mark Noble had a cry about?

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yes lol


Oh damn, that wasn’t in the script. Game on. Fuck off Everton.

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Can see why West Ham sold him. Can’t be having that kind of talent over there. He wouldn’t fit in!

Did James Rodríguez give it away there?

That’s actually an excellent idea- disguise them both as one player and get rid of both of them

Pickford is horrendous lol

I don’t like the fat chav, but I’m not sure he could have done much about that one…

West brom are very good long shot takers


This West Brom kit is fucking awful, I keep thinking I’m watching Norwich. At least that would make some sense, but if your traditional colours aren’t yellow and green why the fuck would you go down this route? Lol


What a fucking goal

Well taken

Ah red card for Gibbs. What was he doing? Crazy!