The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread

Bit of a shame for Leicester, this. (Even with the incredibly dodgy penalty given to Neverton, City should have done better)

They have to beat Palace at home to get top 4. I’m sure they’ll get a result at Arsenal in a week’s time, too.

I would love nothing more than for Leicester to drop out the top 4 and slide back down the table. I’d much prefer United to take the 4th spot.

Spoken like a true Gooner :roll_eyes:

You can’t talk you hate Wolves more than Tottenham! :joy:


Out of interest, why is that?

I just can’t stand Leicester. I think Vardy is a wanker, I can’t stand Rodgers and I just generally don’t like the club.

United have been our rivals for most of our life but a little part of me wants them to at least smash the rest of the season so I can prove the Pogba naysayers wrong lol.

I mean, when it comes down to it any United related success will not make me happy but I’d just much rather see them in Europe than Leicester.

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Yeah, but no one (apart from only Man United fans) wants United in the CL as opposed to Leicester.

Man Utd finishing outside the top 4 is to their own detriment. It would be perfect

You don’t even deny it :rofl::rofl::rofl:

That’s 2 wins in 11 league games for Leicester, still confident they’ll hold off United and or Wolves @DavidHillier?

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I hope Wolves get it tbh.

Much better team than Leicester

Yep, they definitely will. They’ll beat Palace next and I’m confident they won’t lose at the Emirates

Wolves? Leicester? United? Nah, personally I hope we get it.

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Of course. That’s why Wolves are above them in the league.

Oh, wait…

I can’t disagree with you on Vardy tbf. Ever since the racist slur thing a few years back in the casino I can’t stand him. Guy is a top notch prick.

You laughed me off when I said something similar this time last week

Cracking player, though.

We’re possibly doing better with him in the side than Auba

15/16 is enough reason to wish for that club to go bankrupt.

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What? Winning the league through hard work?

Sounds like sour grapes. No wonder Gooners are laughed at and mocked

Gooners are laughed at because they act(ed) like Liverpool-light fans.

‘Hard work’. They were lucky.

I’m surprised you like a Midlands team. I thought you hated them all