The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread

What a goal! What a counter!

United starting to come good, Fernandes has completely rejuvenated them.

We’re falling behind this lot nevermind Liverpool and City…

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Look at DDG trying to be a decent goalkeeper… knowing Henderson is about to nick his place

Is this Nazi Henderson we’re talking about?

No, not Jordan


What do you mean? What happened?

Oh wait I mean Wayne Hennessy lol

Never mind :joy:


United charging to a CL place, they still have to play Leicester on the run in which is brilliant for them.

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Poor Wayne had never heard of a Nazi salute remember. He was waving at the person taking the photo.


I still can’t believe that excuse. Literally cannot believe it.

On the last day? Leicester will retain third place, no bother.

Yeah I think it’s is the last day. They won’t if they continue their funk of 2 wins in their last 10 league games.

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Same. But it’s a direct quote.

Just Googled to check. These were his exact words

“I waved and shouted at the person taking the picture to get on with it and at the same time put my hand over my mouth to make the sound carry.”

He’d been better off saying nothing


Wish we had singed Fernandes. Look at how much that team has improved with him init



It’s just the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen. Should have just never said anything haha

They have a solid defence and haven’t actually lost many. Their last game pre COVID was a walloping of Villa. Given that ManUre and Chelsea are form teams, so are Leicester. They just need 2 or 3 kind fixtures and they’ve secured 3rd in my opinion.

Massive game at Everton tomorrow for them, though.

Leicester have barely won a game in 2020. I think they’ve only won like 5 this year out of about 20 games played and 2 of them have been in the FA Cup.

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Which is what I’m saying about form. If Leicester play Watford and Brighton immediately after the trounced Villa, I don’t see them dropping points.

They haven’t lost in the Prem since its return which is important. When you’ve got a good defence, it’s can’t be understated just how good a base that is for a team to springboard into a good run of form.

I’m willing them on to do this. Fuck man united and fuck chelsea. Wank clubs

Sickening to see United doing well. :face_vomiting:


Bournemouth are going down down down