The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread



These are so funny man

Alright tottenham time to lose :+1: be yourselves.

Play halted so that Michael Oliver can get a new battery pack. This is football in 2020, folks :laughing:

I’d reckon Mourinho would be under immense pressure if he loses this

Spuds are washed up for good. Its only downhill from here. Enjoy another decade of getting fat by that stupid cheeseroom and 0 trophies. COYG

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Pearson is a really good appointment by Watford. He’s like a more respectable version of Fat Sam

I’m hoping him and spurs will limbo right on the edge of being just good enough to not get sacked but with minimal progress, win some, lose some, make enemies, give great press conferences, beat some of our rivals, lose to us, poison them from the inside :smiling_imp: while entertaining me for as long as possible. I love Mou. as long as he’s at other clubs lol

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I love you, too, oompa

:heart_eyes: they’re loving each other on the pitch as well atm. love is in the air!

Watford assaulting spurs pen box for minutes and now get a penalty. let’s go. ffs Gazzaniga saves

Deeney. Prick.

What did he do?

Missed a penalty

First time I’ve watched Watford in a while but my god I’m so glad we didn’t go for Sarr, he’ll improve but all the athleticism in the world doesn’t matter when you’re the epitome of a headless chicken.


I agree, but I dont think we can say anything when we spent 72 mil on pepe who, so far, has not displayed any footballing intelligence either :wink: could get better under Arteta…hopefully.

Honestly they’re on different planets for me, Sarr looks like a young Theo out there whereas Pepe shows glimpses of being a sublime talent.

Will Pepe live up to the price tag- I don’t know. Is he capable of living up to it, absolutely. I’m glad we went with who we did.

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Watford clear the ball off the line, graphics show a ball being maybe half a cm on the line? feelsgoodman :smile:

You hate to see it… :rofl:


LOL Deeney just said he won’t apologise for missing the pen because he’s scored in other PL games.

Some might like his approach but I’d be fuming if I was a Watford fan.

Nah, Watford fans worship the ground he walks on