The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread

Fuck me, this is one of the darker laughs I’ve had recently.


If current season resumes in 2021, Liverpool will be PL champions for 19-21.
Some way to break the 30 years wait.

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So who thinks we’ll get any more fixtures this calendar year ?

Me but not sure I’m going to be that interested after this is over.
Be losing interest for a while now in a lot of aspects of the game. Getting out the habit now and not sure I’m going to put the effort and juggling of things to watch much longer.


I think it’ll go the opposite way for me, I’ll just be so thankful to have normality back, even when Arsenal disappoint it won’t feel as bad haha.


Of course it may change when it all returns but I have to say I’m in complete agreement with this right now!

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The next Premier League shareholders meeting is scheduled for April 3 and one high-ranking club official said: “I’m hoping the situation changes by then but unfortunately, the world is changing and it’s changing for the worse every day.

“It’s absolutely clear what is going to happen. It’s a worldwide pandemic. You just start (the Premier League season) again and there are very few losers. Liverpool, I know. But in the grand scheme of things, honestly, it really doesn’t matter. You’ve just got to start again.”

Imagine the RAWK meltdown. It obviously doesn’t make the Corona pandemic worthwhile, but it’d at least give us something to laugh about.


I think UEFA need to take a stand. If it’s left up to the leagues then it becomes a European wide problem. If one or two big leagues write off their seasons and want to start in August/September as normal then every other league will start doing it too and then those that wanted to continue will be forced not to.


It’s almost difficult to envisage how you finish this season now without creating a massive knock on effect that impacts the football calendar for at least 2-3 seasons.

The reality is we’re getting players back who aren’t going to be match fit, to cram 8 or so games into a few weeks spell in order for everything to run like clock work.

There are some amazing tales this season like Atalanta’s CL run, Liverpool’s PL dominance, Lazio topping the Serie A, the close Bundesliga race and Wolves run in the EL but I’d be in favour of scrapping all of this in the face of a pandemic you simply cannot prepare for.


I think the PL and the EFL will eventually follow what the non-league did. No relegation/promotion/champions.

And it’s just a matter of time before the FA Cup is scrapped too.


I think it’s easier to complete cup competitions like the FA Cup and the CL because you can condense them into knockout ties and play them over a few days.

I’m not saying the above is the right thing to do but if they decided to complete the cups and not the leagues I’d understand why given they can be decided fairly in a matter of days.

And the sheer amount of money involved in the league means you simply cannot decide promotions, relegations and champions with unfit and unprepared teams. That’s a crisis within itself.

You imagine a team is relegated it’s quite easy for them to point to the fact they are unfit, unprepared and simply not ready to have completed 8 league games in a short space of time. That’s a lawsuit within itself. It’s a shit storm most major leagues will be eager to avoid.

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But you’re going to get the same players who aren’t match fit playing in the cup. So surely the same argument applies.

I don’t see how you can do either the cup or the league without at least four or five friendlies to build up match fitness.

I think the Prem will be decided by the television companies not the clubs. If they want it we continue. If they want a new season thats what will happen.
I think because of the money England is in a different position to other leagues. Rightly or wrongly.


The fact is - Null and void has won more Premier League titles than Liverpool.


Again though we come to this scenario that everything is guaranteed to have a trouble free season next season. We simply dont have that guarantee.
As for commercial travel and European football thats some stretch right now as well.

As the pandemic goes on scrapping the season looks like a more sensible option, I’m not just saying that because I want to bath in Liverpool tears but because it’s genuinely the most pragmatic thing to do. Who’s to say this will even blow over by the time the next season starts.

Draw a line in the sand now, start making preparations for the beginning of next season and see if 20/21 can even be played this year. Fuck this horrible season straight into the hazardous waste bin.


We were all gearing up for that anyway with Qatar World Cup so just start it a bit earlier. Tis grand. :slight_smile:

Scrapping the season would be so good. Just so so good :blush:


<insert gif of Kevin Keegan saying “he’d love it”>

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@DavidHillier may die of ecstacy

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