The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread

To be fair most of these elite managers are, such is the intensity at which they operate.

Wenger at the peak of his powers was an exception.

Its the smarmy sarcasm… only a few play that… most just complain and moan and are pathetic about it… he drips with superiority and entitlement.


Wenger was as petulant as the rest of them haha. He loved moaning about referees, about opposition players and stuff.

At this level, you’re rarely ever a gracious loser.


True, more often than not they’re all dicks when things don’t go their way.

Par for the course.


Sadly it’s the middle of November and that’s the title race over, unless City go on some stupid run winning 24 of their last 26 games or something.

Another thing that’s sad is, it seems arsenal fans objective seem to be hoping no one goes unbeaten each season when we should be trying to become a title contender ourselves. Maybe if someone does manage to go unbeaten it’ll stop us resting on our laurels and constantly talking about it.


Did Pep really say this?

:arteta: :arteta:


As long as he is quality on Twitter, Mendy earned his pay I suppose.

Nah. That is bollocks. We want both.


Btw United are definitely finishing above us, they just managed 11 shots on target to Brighton’s 1, that’s the sort of statistic we could never manage under Emery.

What a sweet corner kick routine.


Imagine a manager that trains his team.

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It’s basically cheating.

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what happened to this in general on dead balls. It seemed like a natural part of the game a decade ago or two? free kicks, corners etc. Now it is so rare to see we make a clip about it.


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Noble peace prize gone. League title gone. Daily Mail accusations gone.
Raheem in a lonely place now.


Gomez is a cunt. Sterling didn’t deserve to be on the losing team yesterday. Exceptional player.

Dier back in the team. Colour me shocked.

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Erikfraud benched RIP @Cristo


No striker on bench for spurs

RIP Troy Parrott’s short Spurs career

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