The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


tbf we have history in February of bottling everything. That fixture list is awful aswell haha. :frowning:


He who speaks the truth is generally disliked, not that it concerns me I will just say it as I see it.


February as fuck


[quote=“Aussiegooner, post:1866, topic:79”]
He who speaks the truth is generally disliked not that it concerns me I will just say it as I see it
[/quote]Not sure that applies to someone like I2004 who generally got things wrong and was disliked anyways :smiley:

I wouldn’t say anyone dislikes you though mate.


Did I2004 not make the transformation to the new site ? Forgot about that bloke haha.


The time we wrapped up the league 3 days before my 18th Birthday at White Hart Line, oh how I miss those days.


He is Aussie. Ofcourse he is disliked.


So we need to bottle it as soon as possible so we can have a nice run in february :wenger:


Whereas you’re universally loved.


If not for my hand, I would have been :sob:


Rubbish support act today, the south coast derby. It’s too “nice” for me to care about. Hoping they’ll prove me wrong and produce a few red cards.


Wow. Was that Wilshere?

Unreal cross for Ake’s goal :clap:

The Randomly Nothing thread

Shame that both players are on loan


1-1 Bertrand.


“Bertrand scores against his former team” clutching at straws with that one, aren’t they?


Hahahah. Meow.


@Persona where are these type of videos?


The greatest place on the whole interwebs…Reddit.


Rodriguez golazooo!!! 1-3 Southampton

The Randomly Nothing thread
The Randomly Nothing thread


The Randomly Nothing thread