The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread (old)

It’s going to be interesting, due to the fact we are scheduled to play the other teams in the top 6 before the World Cup, October is going to be fire as we have spurs, Liverpool and city

You know what my biggest fear is? Us starting well, even leading the race, and then a massive collapse after the WC.

If it collapses it will in October 5 games 3 top teams, leading to November against Chelsea

Is that away or home?

They’re due at the Bridge

Spurs, Liverpool and city are at home, chelsea is at the bridge

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Depends who your country is. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


Goodbye old friend. Despite a ban of more than 3 years ago Luca still had almost 8% of all posts in here :smile:


Jesus Christ. He’s got some modern competition when it comes to post stats but that’s still insane lol


Can you cancel and re-join the same day?