The Other (postponed) Premier League Fixtures Thread

ASM will keep them up and be a club legend when they win the league in 2024

Yeah, the current bottom 3 will be the bottom 3 come the end of the season

Peter Walton is such a clown.

Who do BT have him on score as the ref pundit lol

Haha reminds me of this tweet


Everton plays like shit but scores a good goal.

Looking forward to watching Villa with Digne and Coutinho coming in

No Ronaldo? Advantage United.

Coutinho on the bench ffs

You’d imagine he’ll come in for Ings and Watkins moves to the middle

What a goal by JWP. Take a bow son.

Lascelles dunked on for the goal.

Was once talked about as one of the best CBs in the league

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Pedro absolutely dominated him on that, was a terrific leap and got loads of power on it. Fantastic header, loved the way he loses his feet throwing everything into winning the aerial duel. Don’t often praise headers but that was a beauty

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Eddie Howe is not making it to the end of the season.

JWP is ready for a big club

Brilliant by Traore
Nice to see him rounding a nice dribble with a finish for a change.
Could be a beast striker in him if he learned how to finish.

What’s brilliant about it is that he showed many times he can curl it over the wall with perfect technique, now he showed he can do it with a totally different technique. Master of a dead ball, no doubt about it. Not too many of those in the game nowadays (could be the best free kick taker in the game atm; yeah forgot Messi :giroud).

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Nightmare season for Everton.

Big win for Dean Smith.

Anwar El Ghazi to the rescue :crazy_face:

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He’s a set piece merchant, wouldn’t cut it at a top club outisde of that IMO

Newcastle will go down, conceding 18 shots against Watford is terrible. They’d have been beaten by a better team.

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Everton have won 1 in their last 13 matches.

Whilst we are all generally pleased with our recent progress, this team is still capable of such horrific lows. That loss looks worse and worse as time goes on. We may very well rue not picking up 3 more points in that game come the end of the season. Awful. But that cunt should have got sent off for the face stamp on Tomiyasu, then its a different game.

Fuck me, I need to let go of this shit. Not good for my blood pressure. But it makes me so fucking mad. Bastard