The Other (postponed) Premier League Fixtures Thread

What a signing Jota was :clap:

Saints spreading their legs for Liverpool.

Wish he played like this for Portugal too.

Excellent skill by Thiago.

Palace struggling a lot.

Been the case for years lol whether taking their players or getting rinsed in general.


Thiago looking like he’s arrived at Liverpool now. Took awhile but will only benefit them.

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Fuck Liverpool.


Not many can. That’s the problem



Fucking shit club

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Corona might have something to say about that now

I hope Southampton are this shit when we play them in a couple of weeks.

Been shit for a good 5 seasons, odds are in our favour.

Tbf they are a bit like this. Got a point at City.

Villa the West Midlands cunt and that Scouse cunt raising Kris Commons’ child managing them can do one.

Impressive start tbh

He’s still a cunt and that club is shit.

Hope they get relegated

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They’ll be the highest placed Midlands club this season mate.

They’re definitely not getting relegated. Good call bringing in Stevie G

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