The Official Tennis Thread


Looking like Thiem will mostly be a clay court player for his career, can’t get it done on the hard courts.

He really needs to get in a new coach, he shares his current one which is just nonsensical for someone that’s a top 10 player. He needs to learn to construct points better, the tendency to resort to gunslinging and swinging for the fences does him no favours.

It’s nice to see del Potro win but Thiem needed this breakthrough, hasn’t been to a quarter of a hard court slam and doesn’t look like it’ll happen for a long time, this was a huge missed opportunity.


Risky… I hope he enjoys Del Potro v Rublev…


Well they’re going to be enjoying Nadal vs Del Potro.


Massive upset and great to see del Potro in another semi.

He’ll have to serve just as well if he is to beat Nadal.


Yeah, should still be a decent match to be fair. You’d imagine whoever wins this tie will be the champion.


Yeah Del Potro can beat anyone on his day, so he’s a chance against Rafa also.


Rafa Nadal is about to win his 16th Grand Slam title.


Never in doubt really. I hate it when grand slam finals are one sided. The Wimbledon final this year was similar. My favourite final of the last 10 years has been Roddick v Federer at Wimbledon in 2009. I was a massive A-Rod fan girl so was gutted to see him lose after having match points, but a great match none the less. Think the final set was 16-14.


Watched the highlights of the game and with the exception of a couple of points, nothing really worth watching. Way too many unforced errors by Anderson meant that Rafa was not tested. The fact that Rafa didn’t face a single break point on his serve tells you everything you need to know. But I am not complaining as I am a Rafa fan. #16 is sweet and while it might have not been as epic a final as Rafa usually is involved in, the history books will show 16 major wins against his name. Phenomenal.

Roger and Rafa are true champions, not because they have won so much, or because they are probably the best two players the sport has seen, but because even when things looked bleak for them, when most people started to question if we had seen the last of these two gladiators, they never doubted themselves. Instead, they dug deep, worked harder and smarter, kept believing even when the rewards didn’t come, and here they are today. Champions once again. After that long period of poor performances, injuries etc, I never thought I would see either of them win another grand slam let alone 2 each. :clap: :clap:


My favourite final was probably the 2012 Australian open final between Djokovic and Nadal.


Yeah that was a great final too. Of course there will be exceptions but most great finals are when 2 top players are at the top of their game or at least close to it. No disrespect to Anderson, he held his own in his first ever grand slam final, but at 31 he’s never going to be close to being anywhere near Nadal’s level which doesn’t make for the most exciting spectacle.


Federer beats Nadal in the Shanghai masters final 6-4 6-3, Fed has really had Nadal’s number head to head in 2017.


Nadal won’t be beating him indoors but as you say Fed has his number now, who would’ve thought it years later?

Fed ages like a fine wine.


Yeah just watched this. Considering his age, Federer has played unreal tennis recently. He’s beat Nadal 4 times this year, right?

Sharapova won today too. Round of applause for the old guard.


She’s a cheat, hope she wins nothing else of note going forward.


You’re right. She should have done cocaine instead, would have got a shorter ban.


Federer won his 7th title of the year in Basel and 95th of his career, he’s 49-4 for the year but has given up any hope of finishing the year World no 1 by skipping this weeks Paris Masters. I think for Fed it must just be all about trying to win the world tour finals in London and the trying to win a 20th major at Melbourne Park or Wimbledon in 2018.


Shame servebot Isner has beaten JMDP to deny him a place in the world tour finals in London, looks like we might have to deal with Carreno Busta as the worst ever player to qualify.


Jack Sock qualifies for the World Tour Finals by winning the Paris Masters, absolute travesty someone of this level has when someone of the caliber of Tommy Haas never did.


That’s a rather unfortunate name…