The Official Tennis Thread


Berdych played really well in the 1st two sets of the semi ( or be it I was blind at a Sydney casino) but it seemed like a high quality affair.


Yeah he did, quite unlucky to not even get a set out of him, but just shows how unbelievable Roger has been. He’s turning back the clock.


Berdych surprised me, I thought it would be a mauling but he hung in there.

Taking Fed to two tie breakers at Wimbledon is nothing to be sniffed at especially for someone like Berdych who is so mentally fragile and lacks the belief he can bear the best of the best.

Can’t see anything but a Fed win today and to think he could end the year #1 with three slams.


The GOAT is racing through this. It’s a clinic so far.


It sure is, and Cilic is the latest patient to need a bed.


Cilic looks broken. This is painful to watch. I fully expected Federer to win but was hoping for a decent, competitive game. Both finals have been a whole big dish of disappointment in that regard.


So so happy to come home and find out that the GOAT retook his crown!
Didn’t sound like a great final, but I really don’t care as long as the outcome was the one I wanted haha.

With Muguruza and Federer winning I’m over the moon at this years outcome!


Who would have thought, Federer may get to 20 slams after all.


Imagine how many more he might have had if his competition over the last 12 years or so hadn’t been Nadal, Djokovic and Murray. Sampras was a supreme player but he never had to face three other guys of that level in his time. Federer is absolutely the undisputed GOAT.


Honest question. How often did Murray beat Federer in Grand Slam tournaments? He feels a bit misplaced there compared to Djokovic/Nadal.


Sadly for Murray he has only won 3 slams. Federer may have won 19 slams and Wimbledon 8 times, but he’s lost on his last 2 starts against Tommy Haas on grass :heart_eyes:


I think he’s relevant to the point but I don’t think it strongly enough to back it up. :smile:


Federer was superb the whole Wimbledon fortnight

Never dropped a set as well which is amazing. 37 and playing like that just shows how great he is


Federer playing poorly at US open but has survived 2 5 setters in the first 2 rounds.


The bottom half of the Men’s draw is the weakest I’ve ever seen in a slam in my lifetime.


Yeah was thinking the same thing. A lot of the big names pulled out before the thing even started! Wouldn’t mind seeing Thiem do well - he seems to be getting better and better.


@Phoebica amazing come back by Del Potro after dropping the 1st two sets vs Thiem 1-6 2-6 to set up a quarter final against Federer.


Yeah, great match – Thiem had a match point too! I wanted him to win, but I like Del Potro so no complaints. He was so emotional at the end too, quite nice to see. He’s got a tough deal in the draw though, probably would easily get to the final if he was in the bottom half.


I don’t like it when people call it a ‘weak’ half of the draw.

The people still left in it are there on merit!


True - but it also helps that many of the top seeds pulled out of the tournament. I think the bottom half of the draw would look pretty different if it wasn’t for injuries to the top players.