The Official Tennis Thread


No I don’t mean arrogance but he just doesn’t have that inner belief that the top top guys have.

Doesn’t back himself to get through the toughest matches against the best and capitulates more often than not, he could be two sets up against the better players and end up losing easily.

I also think basing his game off of Fed’s has been a huge mistake, yes he plays similar to Fed but its nowhere near as effective. For example his backhand is not great at all, there are so many guys on tour that have a superior backhand like Philipp Kohlschreiber and that shouldn’t be the case because for starters they aren’t ranked that highly.

Dimitrov doesn’t really have a “killer” weapon and it shows in his matches, his backhand in particular doesn’t produce many winners and is routinely targeted by the better players. Compare his backhand to Thiem’s or even the likes of Gasquet and it’s not even close, I think his early coaches did him a massive disservice pushing the Fed comparisons. If he’d developed a game that suits his strengths with a two handed backhand his career would pan out differently, as it is I never see him winning a slam.


Murray is out , seemed to be struggling with some kind of injury towards the end but he was a set and a break up early on so really should have closed it out.


I don’t buy Murray’s bullshit tbh. He was physically fine. He just lost his way and his mentality let him down again.


To me he genuinely didn’t seem at it physically in the latter half of the match, wasn’t getting to balls he normally would.

Murray isn’t mentally the strongest but he’s not a quitter like that.


Federer showing why he is the GOAT. Absolutely killing it out there so far today!


He’s absolutely outrageous. To still be relevant at his age is a feat in its own right but to be arguably the best tennis player in the world on curren form is beyond outrageous.


Djokovic wasn’t himself clearly feeling the injury from yesterday, the organisers really fucked him over this year.

A shame to see him retire like that.


Federer’s tournament to lose for sure now, really should be slam number 19.


You wouldn’t be wrong to think that but stranger things have happened. I think his biggest threat would be Cilic,with his big serve and decent ground game. I guess it might come down to big match experience and when compared to the other 3, FedEx has bags of that.


Excuse me, didn’t you hear that American journalist have a go at McEnroe? Serena Williams is the best ever tennis player in the world


I think it mostly shows the pitiful state of the sport in general.


Nah Federer is practically playing as well as he ever has, the men’s game is still insanely competitive. Actually I’d say even more so than recent years with the emergence of some youngsters that are really taking it to the best players lately.

That’s something you could perhaps say about the women’s game at times but not the men’s.


So how do we feel about Konta? Born in Australia to Hungarian parents, but now she’s the first female “British” tennis player to reach the semi finals of Wimbledon since 1978! I’m supporting her, but…


If it been one of those cases where she’d represented the UK for many many years, then you’d think fair enough, I could accept that. But she only became an official British citizen since 2012…she’s represented Australia longer than she has of us, so it’s kinda hard to really get behind her.

Reminds me of that female American runner, who deflected to the British team in the relay events, because she found her chances limited in the US squad, and uprooted to join us, even though she isn’t remotely British.


Depends what stage of the tournament she reaches


I’ve decided, she’s Australian now :sunglasses:


She’s lovely and unlike Bedene there doesn’t seem to be any talk of going back, which would be a decision open to much scorn.

G’wan Jo!


Hopefully Federer wins his 19th slam tonight…


Going to miss the final unless it goes to five sets ffs.

Hopefully Fed does the job, will be amazing for him to win another Wimbledon.


Federer hasn’t dropped a set so far at this year’s Wimbledon. You could say that his path has been made easy but he’s still played some pretty sensational stuff - especially considering his age. I can only see the final going one way.