The Official Tennis Thread


Nadal vs Dimitrov about to get underway.


And another five setter…

Dimitrov is playing well. Future Grand Slam champion for sure.


Another great game. Dimitrov will surely win a slam in the future.

This tournament though is one for the all time greats of the game. Can’t express how happy I am that we will be able to witness another Nadal-Federer final. Whatever the result it’s fantastic to see, and in a very strange way it’s refreshing for the game.

Hopefully it’s as good as both semi-finals. Regardless, I’m just happy that both are in the final, and I couldn’t really care less who wins (I guess I’m something around 60/40 in favour of Fed).

I think Nadal will win the final, but it should b4 a very close encounter. Bring it on!


Brilliant stuff.

Starting work 10pm Sunday, will probably miss all but the first set or two. :rage:


It’s on at 8.30am in the UK so a pretty good time for me personally.

Nadal has only won the Australian Open once, compared to Federer’s four! So I think I’m edging to Rafa’s side, but it’s win win really. Will just be good to see the two of them in a major final again. How long has it been? 5 or 6 years?


[quote=“Phoebica, post:45, topic:116”]
How long has it been? 5 or 6 years?
[/quote]Since 2011 at Roland Garros :slight_smile: 2009 was the last time these two went against each other in an Australian final!


BabyFed just became a man haha seriously tho that was incredible, so glad I watched it, can’t help but feel for Dimi after that performance & the way his played over the last 2 weeks in general, his in the form of his life right now, fingers crossed he can keep it going an he’ll get his GS final in no time along with the likes of Zverev & Thiem too but that’s another story it’s all about the Fedal Final right now I’m Hype! to see to these to living Legends go at it again. Come on!


The Final should be epic. Also good to see Dimitrov starting to fulfill some of that huge potential he has.


Roger is looking tasty. Looks like he’ll be the champion.


Another fantastic final between these two. That was some third set from Federer. Nadal is going to haveat to do something special to win this.


I don’t care if this is a fantastic final. I just want to see the Swiss GOAT add another Grand Slam. It’s frustating it carries on for long :facepalm:.


Break Nadal!

I want five sets :smiling_imp:


Fitting that this final looks like going the distance.


Which channel is this on?


Eurosport in the UK.

Dunno about Holland lol


Injury or loss of condition? Hmm :thinking:


Come on fed!!



Tennis masterclass, don’t need to watch anymore tennis in 2017 after this.

Federer wins it.


What a final!!

Congratulations Rodger