The Official Tennis Thread


I think Murray could well climb back into the top 10, just don’t think he’ll have what it takes to win another Grand Slam at this age after all the injury troubles of the last 18 months.


Marin Cilic leads Croatia to a 3-1 Davis Cup final Victory over France, nice team they have with Cilic & Coric.


I thought there was a good chance Cilic would crumble like last time, nice to see him and Coric victorious.

Did you hear about Kyrigos getting some mental help?


Croatias victory was never in doubt. :gunnersaurus:


Hahahaha fuck


Nick needs to sort himself out, he’s on the cusp of turning 24 and he’s not even going to be seeded at the AO. With his talent he really should be in the top 10 or thereabouts at this stage of his career.


World no 5 Juan Martin Del Potro out of the Australian Open, still hasn’t recovered from that fractured kneecap he suffered late in the season :cry:.


His luck is awful, truly.

He has had a very, very good career up to this point but he could’ve achieved so much more barring injuries, it’s sad really.


Murray retiring after this years Wimbledon although he also said he’s not sure he’ll make it past the Aus Open.

Never quite as good as the other big 3 but still a world class player with a great record of grand slam finals, a few wins and back to back Olympic singles golds.


Best of luck to Andy. Legend hope he can make it to Wimbledon.


Shame that the hip injury has come to this, shit way for a champion player to have to leave the sport.

Congrats on a great career, 3 slams, 10 slam finals and finished a year as a World no 1.


Yep. It’s a huge shame because Murray made himself an elite tennis player in one of the most competitive eras in the sports history (in terms of elite level talent) so he deserves a lot of credit. He’s certainly the greatest British player in the open era.


Always felt like Murray had to work a lot harder to keep up with the other three, which I don’t mean as an insult, it’s more a nod to his work ethic – he is one of the best examples of someone making the most of their abilities.

Big shame he can’t retire on his own terms, but what a great career.


Just watched his presser and it wasn’t great viewing, really hope he makes it through to Wimbledon.


That was a pretty tragic press conference. It’s times like this that you realise just how much sport means to people. A fully grown man in tears in front of cameras when he announces his retirement.

He’s had a great career, and were it not for Djokovic in more recent years, would have racked up a good few more slams to his name. His feel for returning a serve is second only to Djokovic out of the players I have seen in my lifetime. They are two of the finest returners in the history of the game with Novak probably being the best ever in that regard, its between him or Agassi anyway.


It’s mad that we’ve had 4 of the greatest ever players competing as they have for so long. As good as Sampras was he only had periodic challenges from players at his level. This has been constant for a decade or more now.

A shame to start seeing the end of this era even if in all honesty I haven’t paid it that much close attention.


I must say it kind of feels unjust that Wawrinka and Murray both won the same amount of slams.


He’s a great champion and it’s such a shame it came to this, looking back it seems he knew it may come to this and so threw absolutely everything at 2016.

To win what he did underlies not only the hard work and dedication but also the immense talent he possesses, he has so much variety in his game more than the likes of Djokovic for example. Whether it was the lob, the slice or the like he could change it up on the fly to hurt his opponents. He’s a true student of the game.

Overall I believe he should have won more slams because he’s just that good IMO but mentally there were a few too many hiccups, he can be forgiven though considering the other greats he would’ve had to beat. He and the other big three pushed the limits of the sport and redefined what it takes to be a truly top player and slam champion both physically and mentally, he’s gonna leave such a big hole in British tennis that it’s actually insane.

Big up Murray, he’s a don.


Fucking legend I love him. Sir Andy Murray