The Official Tennis Thread


Federer is losing steam and that’s despite skipping the clay season also. To still finish top 4 in the world at 37 is a huge achievement though. How many more seasons in him ? 2 or 3 ?

Djokovic is near unbeatable at the minute the way he’s playing on a hard court, could well see him shoot to 16 slams by the end of 2019 if this carries on.


Think we’ve seen the last of Federer winning any of the slams.


Too early to write him off just yet for me, still has a pretty good chance at Australia and is always a a favourite for Wimbledon. But won’t be winning the French and most likely not the US open either.

Djokovic looks like he’s going to dominate 2019.


I think Wimbledon is his only hope now but yeah I wouldn’t be expecting it. He did get to the magical 20 in Australia this year though which was good.