The Official Tennis Thread


That was one of the worst performances of his career. So many unforced errors. The saddest thing about it is for the first time ever Federer looked done, he looked old :confused:


Well he is 37 now, remarkable that he has won 3 slams in the last 2 years and still is No2 in the world.


Nadal and Thiem just played a monster match at the US open, Nadal winning a 5th set breaker…


Djokovic vs JMDP in the final, I’d love to see the argentine win his 2nd slam if I’m being honest.


What just happened in the women’s match?


Serena just tarnished the dream of someone that considers her their idol.

It was a really shameful showing from Serena, Osaka initially couldn’t enjoy perhaps the greatest day of her life.


If Kyrgios carried on like Serena did he’d get ridiculed to the max.


Thought this was a really good read on the Serena and umpire incident. I don’t necessarily agree with it all, but it’s an interesting perspective none the less.


Has the game penalty been used much in past? I haven’t watched Tennis in years but it must be very rare and pretty much unheard of in a GS final?


Awful from Serena and you have to feel for the umpire in that situation, y’know, doing his job.

Turning a mistake from your coach into a row about equality in tennis :laughing: Silly cow


Yeah I think this is the issue… neither Serena nor umpire handled it well… umpire way overreacted and did a terrible job de-escalating and Serena acted awfully as well…

My understanding is that the points assessed against her would probably never have happened in mens.


Djokovic ties Sampras on 14 slams after straight sets win over JMDP.


I feel for Delpo I really do, to come back after what he’s been through and make another US Open final and winning it would have been an amazing story .

But still kudos to Djokovic who is cementing his legacy now, these past two GS wins have probably been two of his very best because of where he was at the start of the season. Not sure if there’s ever been a player that came back from being ranked where he was before Wimbeldon and then winning two straight slams plus a Master’s.

I mean he only dropped one set in this tournament! And is maybe at %95, he has to be the favourite for Australia and that’s back to dominating the game.


Yes, there are definitely double standards in society.



Another ATP title for Bernard Tomic, I must admit that’s something I never thought I’d say again.


Did anyone see this? Verdasco berating a ball boy for being too slow with the towel

Also, didn’t know this:



Juan Martin Del Porto retired from his 3rd round match at the Shanghai masters vs Borna Coric with a knee problem, hope it isn’t to bad and makes him miss the end of season finals in London.


Djokovic vs Coric in the Shanghai final. Coric took out Federer in the SF, beat him in the final of Halle also.


Coric is like 11th in the race for London, he’s had a pretty damn good year.

Djokovic just looks unbeatable at the moment, has restored that aura that went missing for a while. Gave Zverev a beating and it’s not like he played poorly.

Federer seems to lose steam when it comes to the end of the year, cant blame him. At 37 he’s still human, don’t think he’ll be winning the US open again at this rate.