The Official Tennis Thread


Couple of classics today, sneaking some of the Nadal Delpo match.

Quality stuff.


So we have Anderson vs Isner & Djokovic vs Nadal.


WTF. When I saw the score at about 3pm fed was two sets up. What the hell happened?!?


No idea as I wasn’t watching but it was a strange result to wake up to.


He was in such control too. Honestly can’t remember the last time he lost from two sets up.

Hate seeing him lose at Wimbledon but it’s surely opened the way for Nadal to win his first Wimbledon since 2010


I think the Nadal vs Djokovic match is 50-50, djoker seems to be playing his best tennis in 2 years.


Djokovic has Nadals number on grass too. Nadal has impressed me so far this tournament, and has looked back to his best for the past two years, but this is the major test.

If he gets past Djokovic it could honestly lead to him winning many more slams. Such a big game


Currently 17-17 in the fifth set between Isner and Anderson


The US Open being the only slam with a last set tie breaker is a bit of a joke tbh.

Whoever makes it to the final between these two will probably be competitive for one set at the most.

Not to mention the mental fatigue too.


Tennis is never ending isn’t it? You’ve got to play till someone wins. No penalties here! :joy:


Anderson finally break the Isner serve.

Thank goodness.


What a game!!

I bet everyone got quickly pissed off because we all want to see Nadal vs Djokovic


Definitely or at least somewhat bored.

It became so repetitive because both of them don’t have much variation in their game.


Is it really that hard to spell Wimbledon?!


That part of the problem with the modern game to be honest, it’s too heavily focused on serving


To an extent it is but if that’s all you’ve got you won’t get very far in the men’s game.


5th set tiebreakers need to be introduced at every Grand Slam.


That may have just been the Tiebreaker that clinches Djokovic the Wimbledon Title


Yea definitely, Anderson will have nothing left in the tank. Huge effort from Djokz to save the three set points.

So tense out there.


Wow that was absolutely immense from both players. Some of the shots played were out of this world.

Djokovic is a clear favourite to get to the final now but with the game being finished tomorrow who knows what will happen. There is an element of unpredictability that is uncommon