The Official Tennis Thread


Federer with a great challenge on a second serve line call to give him a break and now leading 3-0


Well in Feds :goat:


Joins Court, Graf and Williams in the 20+ club, altho when you factor in the greater depth of the men’s game over the years you’d have to say he’s #1


Winning slams at the age of 36, what an absolute champion.


Reckon Fed goes the same tactic as last season and gives the whole European clay court swing a miss ?


Federer beats Robin Haase in the Rotterdam QF he will return to world no 1 aged 36 years 6 months, overtaking the previous oldest Agassi 33 years 4 months.


Federer back to World no 1 on Monday morning when the rankings get updated, absolute genius.


Imagine if Fed was an Arsenal tennis player, he would get slagged off, called a cunt, and told he was totally shit every time he didn’t win a tournament…Poor bastard…lolol


I am not much of a follower of tennis anymore but back in the day I just loved everything about Andre Aggasi. Could never even admire how good a player Sampras was because I couldn’t see past the fact he wasn’t Aggasi. But the last few years watching Federer from time to time, man he’s just the best ever and it’s impossible (imo) not to admire that and rank him as my favourite in the sport ever. Bet his autobiography isn’t half as interesting as Aggasis though. :slight_smile:

That’s probably one of the stupidest things I’ve read on here. Well done. Lol.


Why, cos you didnt agree…twat.


Typical negative Arsenal fan response.


No, it’s because it was a shit analogy. You know that too, not even deep down, you just know it.


But its the truth, and deep down you know it too…too many negatives on here, and trust me, they don’t make a positive…


The club is the negative. The posts on here are a reflection of that.

Federer and The Arsenal Football Club are not comparable.


I never said they were, however, so called supporters on here will find any excuse to be negative…That’s all i was trying to put across…


Sure you weren’t. Anyway my point is made. C’ya.


Well done, point taken? Cya




Oh dear Johnny has had an old fashioned mare here.


Ooops, looks like i’ve upset Mr Positive himself…