The Official Tennis Thread


I think he might still hold onto a top 5 position, obviously Djokovic will overtake him but Murray is out for a while and Stan looks terribly out of sorts. Zverev & Thiem are the interesting ones, but I think Grigor might be a little more consistent throughout the season.


Agree what you say about Nick, I think he can get into the top 10 but unless he improves that side of his game the top 5 won’t be happening for him.


Will be interesting to see how he can push on, I’m just not sold on his overall game against the best. He’s a fantastic mover and class at the net but that backhand is mediocre.

He tends to hit that slice backhand way too often and even against Rublev didn’t seem to truly believe in it.


Djokovic in trouble a set and a break down, his elbow causing him grief again.


And Thiem is on the verge of being knocked out too. To a guy called Tennys - I find that amusing :laughing: Apparently he is from Tennessee too. He was never going to be anything but a tennis player.


Chung vs Sandgren AO quarter finals, imagine purchasing $300-400 tickets for that.


My God! Kyle Edmund is in the semi final! Glad I got up at 5am to watch that.

If he gets to the final he’ll be Britain’s number 1!


Can’t believe we are now assured of having two no names in the Semi Final of the Australian open.


As surprising as it is to have Edmund and possibly Chung in the semis, both of them aren’t really no names. Have seen them play on the tour and while I don’t remember much of Edmund, I do remember being rather impressed by Chung. The other guy, Tennys whatever, he is an unknown to me.


I mean in this era of modern day tennis dominated by 3 names, having 2 of these players in the Semi’s I’d consider no names.


Nadal retired 2-0 Down in the 5th set, so we have a Cilic vs Edmund SF.


With Kyle Edmond now out maybe you can stop claiming Andy Murray as your own :wink:


Now out?

Well actually Kyle Edmund was born in South Africa. Andy Murray was born in Great Britain and as we play tennis as team GB… he is one of our own :sunglasses:


:nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:Born in Scotland not some made up team for Tennis :wink:

Like now out and being good. So you can leave our Andy alone :wink:


I thought you meant he had come out as gay or something, lol.

Whatever Trevor. He was born in the area he is representing and lives in London so screw you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

At the Olympics, do you only acknowledge the GB athletes who are Scottish?


Well yes I don’t give a fuck about English Welsh or NI athletes lol


Federer into the Semi’s without dropping a set, really hope he wins it and gets to the magical 20th Slam.


Loving this Scottish Nationalism


Come on Kyle! Obviously Cilic is the clear favourite but so was Dimitrov. It’s a tough ask but Edmund’s forehand is :ok_hand:

“Working” from home today to watch this.


One of the top women are going to break their Grand slam duck, hopefully it’s Halep as she needs one as she got that breast reduction to better her Tennis career.