The Official Tennis Thread


I was going to watch Federer play the “British” guy. But then I remembered that after being “British” for a couple of years, he has now gone back to being Slovenian :expressionless:

Going for Heather Watson instead.


Wawrinka & Goffin bite the dust in Round 2, that’s two of the men’s top 10 gone.


Has the heat rule not come into play yet? Must be hotter than an oven on court?!


Yeah no idea why the Heat rule hasn’t come in, the last 2 days have both hit 40… was 60 on court apparentky. I’m getting a ground pass tomorrow, happy it’s bsck to mid to late 20s.


Have you seen Kyle Edmund yet?


I haven’t watched any of his games this tournament, but impressive win to grind out in yesterday’s heat after trailing 2 sets to 1.


Kyrgios v Tsonga. One of them has just blown a fuse… and it’s not the one you’d place your house on it being.

Don’t often see Tsonga that angry.

Good game this, I quite like Kyrgios - and from what i’ve seen, he hasn’t been a knob once this week :smile:


It’s not really a good look that Federer has got three night matches in a row, the organisers are not even trying to hide their bias.

Will make me look at him getting to the final (if he does) in a different light tbh, it’s bullshit.


NIck was really clutch winning 3 breakers vs Tsonga to take it out in 4.


@Phoebica just read about the heat rule, it comes into effect when it’s above 40 degrees and the humidity reaches a certain level also, the last 2 days its eclipsed 40 degrees but it has been a very dry heat so low humidity that’s why play hasn’t been suspended. The players aren’t real happy about it, they think once it hits 40 play should be off.


That is a shit rule… I am proud of Edmund fighting his way through that heat, but then there is Federer with all his night matches like @Darkseid said


A bit of London at Melbourne Park


After all the great man has accomplished in his career I’m not entirely sure I’ll begrudge him a bit of bias.


Lined up for 90 mins to get into the Del Potro vs Berdych game thinking it would be a cracker, but Berdych played really well and JMDP was well below his best.


Wow, Britain actually has an Australian Open quarter-finalist whose name isn’t Andy Murray :open_mouth:

Didn’t see that coming. Good work Kyle Edmund - Dimitrov or Kyrgios next.


Looks like it will be Dimitrov annoyingly as he’s a set and a break up.


Yep. Well deserved. Dimitrov was brilliant – It would be hard for anyone to beat him when he’s playing like that!


Don’t be bitter now mate :slight_smile:


I’ve always liked Dimitrov and he’s world no 3 for a reason, good to see Nick play consistently all week though and not throw the toys out of the pram.


I think Dimitrov is a good player but that’s it really, the people that made him model his game on Fed’s did him a disservice.

The backhand is not a great shot and mentally he’s not the strongest, he’s made the most of higher ranked players being injured but ultimately he’ll be closer to the bottom 10 come end of the year.

Kyrigos seems to be maturing though, although I think the fact he’s not a great returner could be a problem for him in the coming years.