The Official MMA Thread (Mixed Martial Arts)


The two hardest fights McGregor has had in his professional MMA career were against Nate. And it’s currently 1-1.

So the trilogy fight was inevitable.


The third fight is going to be an exact copy of number two. Diaz is too stupid/not good enough of a wrestler to take a tactical approach/take him down consistently and is going to keep it standing. McGregor is going to outpoint him again. The thing with headhunters is sometimes they face strikers they can’t KO. That’s why he lost the first time. Same with Rumble Johnson and Daniel Cormier. Maybe the KO happens, if he’s lucky enough.


Once you realise the Diaz brothers refuse to or can’t check kicks, it’s pretty much a wrap from there. The only thing that makes this a competitive fight is Conor’s suspect cardio.


Conor went into that fight after being on antibiotics, and it showed. Nate went into the second fight with an injury, and it showed.

So I think it’ll be a far more interesting fight if both fighters have a trouble free camp.


Nate Diaz hasn’t been ‘decisioned’ 9 times already for no reason. There are holes in his game, like Burgundy the says the checking of legkicks and the ‘just-stand-and-bang’-attitude, if nothing weird happens this is going to be a decision for McGregor again.


I still think for MMA fans, who wants to see top figther the best match up would be fergsuon vs nate(can you imagine the high level striking and ground game of those 2) or ferguson vs conor.

Khabib is totally discarded for a top fight IMO.

From my point of view, ferguson is the most complete figther in that division and he always show up(except when he had a to undergo surgery).


The fight against benson henderson is a good example of that.
Henderson whoooped his ass, went to decision bit taking all that punishment played against diaz.


Reem vs Ngannou would be really interesting, difficult to call.



The Diaz fight will happen I think. The UFC won’t risk matching Khabib with Conor until he can prove he’s able to make weight again and the winner of Ferguson - Lee probably won’t fight again until next year.

As much as Diaz doesn’t deserve it, the timing feels pretty perfect as there’s no one else.


Conor should fight el cucuy, he is very similar to diaz.

In other news, el cucuy vs werdum :joy:


Ohhhh shit!!!


Mighty Mouse is a beast. And he gets better each fight.


I browsed a little on Joe’s instagram after clicking on that and saw this :grimacing:



Nice fight lee vs ferguson, Lee performed a lot better than i expected but ferguson is just at another level.

I dont think connor or khabib can beat him, hopefully UFC can sourt out how to make khabib and connor fight again, connor can fight ferguson then whoever wins against khabib maybe.

About DJ, what a crazy move, he is just amazing.




Ferguson vs Lee was a fucking top fight. Ferguson is the true champion there’s no two ways about it. It’s the only match up to make for McGregor’s return and it’s an absolute belter. Dana White thankfully admitted it’s the only bout that makes sense.

I’m a fan of Nate Diaz but he honestly deserves jack shit considering he’s refused to fight anyone since the decision loss at welterweight. He still isn’t worth the money he thinks he is. Last I checked he sat like 6th in the lightweight rankings. One thing I’ll say about Nate at lightweight though, he looked fucking immense against Michael Johnson around two years ago. He could be a serious contender but he doesn’t deserve to be at all right now.


What a craxy move by DJ.


Darren Till just destroyed Cerrone, might be the best performance I’ve seen all year.

UK has a legit prospect.


:fire: Dangerous fight for Khabib


That Joanna Rose face off was intense as fuck!