The Official MMA Thread (Mixed Martial Arts)



Khabib vs Ferguson, will be such a great fight. I bet it will be the fight of the night.


What SAF…him getting punched up by an MMA fighter…gotta watch this :campbell:


Ferguson’s a muppet for saying “Khabib’s a headache and I got the pills” :joy:



All the proper contenders are getting screwed in the UFC.

Maia whose most deservedly of a title shot is going to fight Masvidal.


I was a big fan of Bisping for a large part of his career in the UFC but since he’s been Champion I’ve got no time for him. He’s fucked that division so I really hope GSP wrestle fucks a decision win.

He’ll probably get a place on the card like Khabib did in NY.


Probably the two top contenders (Romero and Jacare), fighting for an interim belt.



People should be under no illusions as to what the WME-IMG takeover means for the foreseeable future of the UFC. Expect more and more of this BS.


That doesn’t mean we can’t dislike it. Usually the most deserving fighters make the best/most exciting match ups like Khabib and Tony, but I guess that doesn’t go for most of the buying (ppv’s) majority.


Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, weigh ins are happening now and Khabib might not make it.


Khabib vs Tony is officially canceled.


Oh ffs…




Don’t be too mad boys. Thurman vs. Garcia is tomorrow and that’s a real big fight.


The fucking state of that fight and decision.


Commentators tried to save it by calling it tactical, which it was but it was still a terrible spectacle. Considering how great the first one was this was the polar opposite. However what I’m trying to wrap my head around is why that first fight was even a draw when Woodley was far more dominant then than the decision victory he scored tonight. I think in future we should all be given more transparency as to how and why each judge is scoring the fight the way they are.


We’ll get a 3rd fight eventually, there’s really no one in the division that can touch Woodley or Thompson.

Maia will get the next shot when (if) he beats Masvidal, don’t think his recent strategy works against someone as strong as Woodley with his TDD, then we’ll get the 3rd fight.


Khabib the chicken nurmagomedov, after all the bullshit he spoke in the media then he chickened out. this is why he has sucha big record, except for johnson he only fights bums now that hehas a great chance he come up with an excuse, he had months to make the weigt so i dont believe what he would call his #1 bullshit.

Regarding the ohter fights, cooper and the mexican girl had a good fight, evans is tool old is not longer the same, and regarding woodly and thompson IMO it as an awful performance by both, both completely nervous and scared, it was like a GSP fight.

Vannata and teymur had a great fight, looking forward to watch them fight more often.