The Official MMA Thread (Mixed Martial Arts)


He can’t be disqualified because it happened after the fight had finished, but he’ll certainly be suspended and fined.


That certainly sounds sensible but it’s the NSAC in charge so who knows…


Imagine the hype around the rematch :slight_smile:


The fight had only ended seconds before jumping the octagon if it had been minutes but this happened soon has he let go of connor


Once the decision has been made, that’s it. There’s plenty of things they can do to Khabib i.e suspension, fines and stripping him of the belt.

But the result will stay.


Absolute scenes, couldn’t really believe what I was watching.


This didn’t really hold up.


I dont know how you came to this conclusion pre fight?

The biggest lesson here is truly chat shit get banged.


Probably because Khabib doesn’t have good boxing (defense).


Did the possibility of mcregor get taken down and submitted by the far far superior grappler not seem like a potential outcome of the fight lol.

TBF listening to the boos everytime the fight went to the floor I think a fair few mcrgregor fans thought this was a boxing fight.

My favourite moment in the fight

That punch won my heart @TeamKhabib #UFC229 #KHABIBvsMcGregor KHABIB

— Deshmukh Sharik (@socalledslayer) October 7, 2018


This is exactly what I also thought. Khabib is relentless with takedowns. People at some point cave under that pressure.


Khabib landed some absolutely massive shots, but then every time Connor did something the commentators would cream…Ohhhh Connor with the elbow…Fuck off.

As much as I can’t stand McGregor what happened with Khabibs man jumping in the ring and whacking him and Khabib attacking Danis is doesn’t really do a lot for the sport.


Just finished watching it again and Khabib took McGregors punches and asked for more. He won on the ground, he won on his feet and he shut McGregor the fuck up.

This was much more than a UFC victory. Connor is looked up to by kids, adolescents and adults alike, his behaviour has been atrocious, inciting racial tension, insulting khabib’s family, offering booze to someone he knows is Muslim and other things. Khabib showed the world how you should behave

The events after the fight were not good, however on reflection no worse than Connor did at the coach. Khabib and all his boys should get no more sanction than Connor. Otherwise it stinks of white privilege.

20 seconds in shows that McGregor isn’t entirely innocent in all of this.


Sounds like there won’t be much punishment for Khabib, McGregor learned from the best about money I guess.




It’s still all ‘fresh’. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the commission gives him a 1-or 2-year expansion. The rematch doesn’t have to happen immediately either. Everybody involved would be stupid not to do the rematch, it’ll probably sell better than this fight.


It was always possible :slight_smile:


You’re aware of the fact that the current rules and scoring system benefit the wrestler and a headhunter like McGregor has a (small) disadvantage if he can’t knock his opponent out? It’s no coincedence he lost against Diaz and Khabib. But he is smart enough to outpoint him in a rematch.


This shit is getting tiresome…

Only the sport suffers as its becomes more like WW and less about its fighting technical origins. Fuckin pub brawl from two arsehole bastards ruining what should be a showpiece night for the sport.

Top show in the Lewis fight though. How it should be done…


And Volkov only had to walk away from Lewis for 10 more seconds and he would have won :slight_smile: