The Official MMA Thread (Mixed Martial Arts)


Or the UFC doesn’t hoard all the cash and fighters are less dependent on commercial activity/their brand.


Well I certainly agree that the UFC treat their fighters like shit, and should be paying them more. But that’s not the world we live in right now.


Here we go.


That was painful to watch.


Connor back in the octagon tonight. What’s your predictions?


If Conor doesn’t land a killer punch then he hasn’t a hope.

I think he will in round 3 or 4 maybe…


Hope it goes to the ground and he gets his fucking arse handed to him.


This aged well.:joy::joy::joy:



My Brother in law and Sister have gone over for it. You’d think judging by her Instagram feed she’s all of a sudden a fucking expert in all things UFC these days.


Can’t see anything other than a win for Conor.


Tap tap as Connor gets squeezed…


What a fucking finish by Lewis!


“My balls were hot”




Royal Rumble pmsl


Royal Rumble pmsl


Scummy behaviour all round after the well deserved win.


So annoying. Was a fucking great win by Khabib. Then he got fished in by Dillon Danis.


Good fight by kabib but should be disqualified for his actions