The Official MMA Thread (Mixed Martial Arts)


Such a shame. Conor in no way deserves that fight.


He did beat Alvarez quite easy though. You could argue however if he deserved that fight in the first place. The Diaz fights I really don’t take into the equation.

Unless you’re talking about his antics in Brooklyn. Than I agree 100%.


He doesn’t deserve it because a) he hasn’t been active, b) he’s never defended a belt c) and what happened in Brooklyn.


I do agree but it’s the only fight worth making at 155 right now.


I disagree. Poirier deserves a title shot, if Ferguson isn’t fit to fight.


Perhaps, but I really don’t know who and what else you put in front of Khabib to sell numbers (esp after his most recent fight). The best fights aren’t always made on the basis of recent merit.


I’m not talking about deseres. Poirier Khabib sells maybe 250k ppvs and the McGregor fight is likely to break all records. 2m+ I’m betting.


I’m not arguing it isn’t the fight that will get the most views. But for the integrity of the sport it’s the worst fight.


I 100% agree with you, but this has been thrown out of the door a long time ago.


Which I agreed with.


Yep, important to note not just with MMA


Official for UFC 229


In a different world where money, diva show and PPV is not more important than the integrity of the sport, Conor should be fighting Tony to earn his right to fight against khabib or something like Tony fighting poirier then the winner against conor and then against khabib.

But it is, what it is.

So we would have to enjoy the show.


Soon to be delivered


TJ just merked Garbrandt



Wow indeed!

Nice result for Cejudo aswell.


Connor sells thats why this is happening despite maybe not deserving the fight.

Immensely looking forward to it!


Tyron Woodley what a champion. :clap:t3:


He is actually having quite an impressive run as Champion. Not really expected that of him.

Zabit is an artiste. He has such a great style.


It’s a shame that Woodley is such a twat. It’s costing him a lot of money.