The Official MMA Thread (Mixed Martial Arts)


I think Khabib is pissed already. He was talking about how he got offered, and signed, to fight Alvarez. But yes, he essentially fucks over the top contenders in two divisions if he chooses to do the trilogy.


What Conor wants, Conor gets.


Of course, he’s the $4 billion man.

Damn, Jose wants the UFC to cancel his contract. Understandable he’s pissed, he was told the winner of his fight with Edgar would get a shot at McGregor for the 145 title, he’s earned the rematch and the UFC has an entire division on standby while McGregor does whatever the fuck he wants.


I have no issue with McGregor fighting Alvarez. But he should relinquish his 145 belt if he isn’t going to defend it.


Bisping defended his belt against Dan Henderson last night. A decision win which could have gone the other way if this wasn’t a title fight/in the UK. Mousasi whooped Belfort and Manuwa KO’ed OSP. Good card overall imo. Just terrible the fights were so late on a European card. Just do it in Las Vegas then…


tbh this was one of the few times where it was so painfully obvious for me that imo MMA rules are pretty arse compared to boxing rules. But the rules apply to both equally, and as Dana use to say, don’t leave it to the refs. We know significant strikes and octagon control is how you’re judged. Add to that, that MMA usually want someone who aims to take the belt to do more than just play even, they want a bit of dominance. But.

Hendo knocked down Bisping in round 1, knocked him down again in round 2, got a takedown in round 5, while Bisping, looking like carbonara in the face, managed no knockdowns or takedowns or even being close to it, but basically managed to not tap out and stand up again in all 5 rounds, being saved by the bell once, and apparently that wins you the fight because you dominated significant strikes, even if 90% of them were pointless jabs into Hendo’s guard. One ref even gave Bisping 49-46? Hendo didn’t even get a bruise. I mean I like them both and really don’t mind Bisping winning but it was just one of the rare cases where it is obvious that the way they judge performance can look all wrong imo.


UFC missed a deadline to give GSP a fight…

Shit, what a fuck up.


Can’t see him fighting outside of UFC. He wants more dollars and a title shot im guessing. He should get both.


If I didn’t misheard a deal fighting Lawler was being made with Lorenzo. Which makes some sense knowing Lawler was pulled out of UFC 205 when he was supposed to fight Cerrone. But that was taken off the table by the new ownership. It wasn’t even about the title. He said a couple of months ago he would be losing money because of Reebok.

Or I’m dreaming.


What he’s asking for his too much for the UFC because he has a massive sponsorship with Under Armour, which he can no longer keep and fight in the UFC because of their recent deal with Reebok.

He wouldn’t have the same problem with any other organisation.

Exactly, GSP is on an old UFC contract and Reebok made renegotiating that contract difficult because he would of had to drop a huge sponsorship with Under Armour.


Apparantly they are still negotiating with GSP…to fight Michael Bisping. Or so he claims.

Do people take any interest in kickboxing/muay thai here? K-1 is going to promote an event in the higher weight classes again. A world grand prix with -95 kg fighters. Don’t know anybody on the list, but it’s exciting they’re coming back.


The only person I’ve seen say anything positive about the Reebok deal is Dana White. And it really is as generic as can be for a sports organisation trying to become one of the biggest in the world. Despite what Dana says, it looks like only the UFC profits from the Reebok deal.


I’ve a strong dislike for McGregor’s antics, the UFC 205 presser has just ended, but I do think he’s going to rip into Alvarez.


McGregor absolutely dominated the fight. We’ll never know how he would have done against RDA back in March but considering where he is now I think its a positive that that fight never actually came to pass.


An amazing night of fights. Alvarez got absolutely outclassed.


This guy :sweat_smile:


I wonder if he’ll accept the Khabib fight now or McGregor decides Khabib needs to fight Ferguson or Barbosa first and this becomes an Edgar II situation.
Johnson caught Khabib a couple of times in the first round btw. Conor with his speed and aim, might just KO him.

Dana talked about a rematch for the WW-title between Woodley and Wonderboy and Romero is probably next up against Bisping.



Khabib mauled him. I think Johnson is (was?) top 10, maybe top 5?


After watching khabib almost get tko’d by a shitty johnson, i definitely think only ferguson can give conor a hard time.

I’d reckon Khabib ground and pound made me cringe, he has good ground game but not enough to face and beat conor.