The Official MMA Thread (Mixed Martial Arts)


Ahh, that stuff again. I thought I apologised for that pissing match a while back but fair play. As McGregor would say, it was nootin’. No angst my end geezer feel free to reply.


I wasn’t insinuating that the collapse of the card and several other things were contrived. I was literally saying that McGregors antics just look ultra theatrical to me and contrived.

I feel like they wanted him to do something, and he went out and did something stupid and now they’re paying the price for it. But I don’t even think the UFC cares because to quote Eric Bischoff… controversy creates cash. And at the very least I’m pretty sure the real build begins for a Khabib-Conor fight now.

I could be very very wrong. I just don’t believe that I am.


McGregor Khabib sells itself. They literally need to do nothing to sell it other than make the fight. If anything this has turned people off imo.


I don’t see how it would turn people off. Mike Tyson bit Lennox Lewis leg and let off a whole heap of racial and homophobic slurs and his fight with Lewis was the richest fight of all time at that point.

This is golden promotion and I can’t see how it doesn’t create a whole heap of extra hype for the fight.

At the end of the day fight fans will always watch this fight it’s the casuals who you entice with controversy and good promotion.


See it sounded like you were saying before, that the entire situation was contrived. But now seeing as you only mean McGregor’s presence was, then it sounds a lot more plausible. But even then we’re still reaching hard. There’s clear flaws to the idea they would plan to generate hype during that particular time and in that manner.


Well I can only talk about the reaction from people I know but the general consensus is “fuck him”.

For example myself and the brother have stayed up til 6/7am watching his fights going back to his UFC debut. Couldn’t give a fuck if he ever fights again right now. He’s a cartoon as much as he is a fighter the last two years and if he steps in the octogon with Khabib I’ll gladly watch him get beat on YouTube the next day instead.

I don’t profess to speak for everyone but I know a good few who feel the same about him right now although it’s not exclusively related to this incident. Conversely I don’t know a single person saying “yeah but wait til the khabib McGregor fight”.


Not at all. It’s just more fuel for the fire.

It wasn’t needed, but it certainly wont hurt PPV numbers.


Iaquinta certainly acquitted himself well. Khabib was never in danger of losing the fight but if a fighter can combat his takedowns and keep the fight off the ground (a lot easier said than done of course)I it looks like a better striker could maybe do some damage.

Rose v Joanna was a really good fight. Only a matter of time until they fight again you would think.


All of Khabib’s future opponents will study rounds 3 and 4 very closely. It’s one thing knowing Khabib has holes but it’s another actually seeing precisely how they surface live in a title fight. The likes of Ferguson, McGregor and GSP would be licking their lips at those rounds.

Still a dominant overall victory but it’s clear that if anyone ever found a solution to the takedowns, like Iaquinta briefly did after the second round, then Khabib’s stand up is simply awful at this level.

I do think Khabib underperformed though and he secured the title deservedly.


I always find so difficult to believe that he makes weight at 145.


If conor can do that, he will knock him down with a left hook for sure.

GSP and Ferguson have an outstanding ground game and standup game as well. Those 3 are the ones he as to beat to really be considered as good as people claim him to be.
Nate is on that list too.

I rate khabib very high but i still want him to fight the real top fighters, is nto his fault but i still need him to fight the best(nate, tony, conor, GSP).



I don’t get this thinking. It was clear that Khabib changed his tactic at the end of round 2 after his corner said, “We need to see more damage”. So in rounds 3+4 he basically stood toe-to-toe and boxed Iaquinta, reverting to type in the last round.

I didn’t need to see that fight to know that adopting the same tactic against Ferguson or McGregor would have disastrous consequences.


Unanimous decision? Bit of a joke.

What a striking chess match. I had it as a draw.


I’m surprised how many people seem to agree with a Till win anyway. I had a draw or win for Thompson.


Before the knockdown, I had it as a draw.




He was excellent. Thought he was fucked after the first minute but he came back really well.

As for ngannou lewis :xhaka:



So it is happening::grinning: