The Official MMA Thread (Mixed Martial Arts)


What the hell is he doing. Crazy motherfucker.



Dana White has confirmed there’s a warrant out for McGregors arrest. Can’t leave the country. And is also bound to get sued by the fighters he injured on that bus.





What a tool


What a way to ruin his carreer.

Money ruined this dude, the lawyers must be rubbing their hands to get this case.



Charged with three counts of assault, and will go before a judge this afternoon.

The main card of UFC 223 has been decimated. Chiesa and Borg have both had their fights pulled due to facial injuries, and of course Lebov’s fight due to his participation in this incident.


Holloway is out of UFC 223. Doctors stopped the weight cut.


Pettis to save the day.

edit - First weighed at 155.2 Ibs. Has two hours to lose 0.2 in order to qualify for tomorrow night.


This whole Conor situation is so contrived lol.


Starting to get that impression too. As Luca would say, Hollywood fuckers.


It’s massively contrived to hype his comeback and to also makeup for the massive disappointment for the UFC 223 card.

You could tell it from the off


It’s not contrived lol

But they will certainly milk it to promote Khabib v McGregor


I find it very hard to believe that this isn’t contrived.


It’s not what the UFC would do to hype a fight. They would have Conor ringside and get him in the cage after the fight.

They wouldn’t destroy almost an entire UFC card just to promote Conor.


On the other hand; 20 men don’t get to that bus by accident. White is a huuuuuuuge cunt if they let him walk around. Surely they didn’t meant for it top go this far.


Yeah, random dehydrated fighters getting slashed by broken glass fragments and getting hospitalised. The cancellation of several fights one day before a heavily marketed PPV. A $4 billion company that spent years trying to get MMA legalised in New York, just willingly damaged their whole reputation so they could promote one guy.

That’s quite an elaborate stunt by the UFC brass. The footage of McGregor in court is probably edited BS too.

Those cunts got in because a few of their cunt media channel members that were invited to the media day let them in.


I did want to reply to this but I won’t challenge you through fear of you ending me or retiring me from the forum or something ridiculous like that. I can’t remember what it was you said you’d do to me but I’m sure it was one of the two.