The Official MMA Thread (Mixed Martial Arts)


Saki, Goodridge, Overeem & Pat Barry all with varying levels of success.

A lot of females too though it’s hard to say who was really world class because there’s hundreds of kickboxing federations and some are more legit than others. Felice Herrig for example was a champion. Obviously Joanna, Shevchenko & Kowalkiwekcs are all legit.

Not even gonna bother spell checking that lol

There’s also a few point fighting guys.

Edit: Wow I just looked at Goodridge’s record, why did no one stop him from fighting? From 2006 to 2010 he fought like 28 times and won 4.


+Holly Holm


Saki is a bit early to judge imo. Pat Barry wasn’t and never had been a world class kickboxer. Barry and Goodridge are journeymen in both sports. Overeem, imo, has always been a MMA-fighter first.

Not too say that adding grappling is extremely hard for kickboxers/boxers.

Women’s fighting…mehhh.


Oh shit!


Khabib v Ferg and Thompson v Till In the same year? The MMA gods surely won’t allow that to happen.

Gonna be a real test of Till’s striking credentials, I lean towards Thompson but really hope Till wins.


Fucking hell mannnnnnnnn


No fucking way.


Fuck off.


A fucking trip



Bollocks anyway. :frowning:


Max just dropped out of a fight because of injury and was supposed to have surgery :confused:

Khabib wins by smash


Obviously Khabib is going to win (Max is probably the only one who believes he can win). But a high profile fight like this won’t come soon for Holloway tho and the UFC probably paid him good money for this.


Holloway has much better takedown defence than Ferguson. And I think he has a better chance of winning too.

I think it was more the prospect of being a two belt champ that convinced Holloway to step in.


Agree with this, but the chance is very slim. This most likely looks like the Barboza fight.

Now this would have been interesting




“UFC fans”

I feel like that term is now basically 97% Conor McGregor fans and 3% people who have an interest in MMA.


I cannot believe that Ferguson pulled out. Unbelievable, 4 attempts to make this fight.


Guy is an absolute bell end. Could have been one of the all time greats. Couldn’t care less if he ever fights again.


Especially if the reason is true; a minor Khabib/Lobov altercation.


Even if the reason is that Khabib slept with his mother.