The Official MMA Thread (Mixed Martial Arts)


Two dominant performances by the champions!




I’d fucking love Cormier to do it.


Miocic made Ngannou look so amatuer. Ridiculously one sided. Didnt realise Ngannou’s ground game was so weak.


Rumour has it, Ngannou barely trained on ground work during camp, so confident was he that he’d knock Stipe out.


The 12 weeks or w/e of focus he would have put into his wrestling would have been completely insignificant because the gap is so huge. Division 1 wrestler vs a guy that was homeless 5 years ago and had never stepped foot in a gym.

But I don’t think those rumours are true, there’s footage of him training on the ground IIRC because everyone was commenting on how he was able to explode off his back.


He obviously did do some work, but it wasn’t a lot.


Jacare :raised_hands::raised_hands:


What a fucking war this will be:


This actually made me lol.




I knew he was gonna do something to try and upstage Canelo GGG 2


He actually looks lost. :joy:


Khabib vs Mayweather lool


He’d do worse than CM Punk


These Mayweather videos are making me cringe hard


Surely he is going into like… management, a deal with Dana for a UFC roster, team management to make money or something and he teaches boxing there or w/e lol


There wouldn’t be anywhere near enough money in management or training of MMA fighters for Floyd to have active involvement. He might own a company that does some stuff around it.


It’s sad but at the same time I’m kinda glad, I hate watching the current slow punch shy Silva.

Still the GOAT

Maybe he can get his release from UFC, go over to Japan, take all the fucking steroids he wants and fight in Rizin.


Too sad to see him end up his career like this.