The Official MMA Thread (Mixed Martial Arts)


At least now we have a deadline to when that division will sort itself out.

Besides, Ferguson v Nurmagomedov is the fight I want to see anyway. Fuck Conor.


I think he’s hinting at the Ferguson fight, most likely in April!

Fuck, Instagram doesn’t embed anymore.



Ariel Helwani’s sources following up.

Ferguson-Khabib it is. Cannot wait.


That will be a great fight, if none of them pull out.



Miocic v Ngannou is gonna be nuts tonight.


The rest of the card except for the co main is wack unfortunately.

Still gonna stay up and watch it though :grinning:


Couple of fights worth a watch on the bellator card. :slight_smile:


Tetris shot looool


The main two bouts are gonna be tasty. Gonna try and stay up for this shit.


Don’t miss the first prelim fight because it’s one of the more interesting on the entire card.




Alhassan with a dirty uppercut :giroud3:


Aaron Pico just won by TKO with one of the nastiest body shots I’ve seen in a while.

The sound :grimacing: Sickening shot


Rory’s leg is definitely fucked.


Volkan’s a joker coming out with the Game of Thrones theme tune :joy:


Velasquez coming back? I’ll believe it when I see it.


Stipe!! What a performance!


Lol @ Stipe stopping Dana from putting the belt around his waist.

Can’t blame him really with the way the fight was promoted.