The Official MMA Thread (Mixed Martial Arts)


30-25, 30-25, 30-24. not sure I’ve ever seen that lol


It’s crazy how he just dominates his opponents. Barboza had a confused look on his face for the majority of the fight.


Conor should cash his Nate Diaz check and bounce, he doesn’t need Ferguson, Khabib or Lee in his life.


Cyborg’s singing is my moment of the night :slight_smile:


I hope that doesn’t happen. Can see Diaz pissing about if he won and the belt being held up for months again. I think they should strip him and make the ferguson khabib title fight.


What makes this even more impressive is that Khabib has never had a 5 round fight.


It was a great card except for hooker vs Diakiese this ones a boring fight.

Despite the fact Khabib dominated, Barboza stand the harrasment and connect khabib many times, he fought very hard and showed great spirit and character. He shoudl continue with the UFC he is a great fighter.

Regarding Cyborg and Holm, it was a one side contest. Cyborg is simply unstoppable but i give Holly credit for taking all that punishment and still kept going forward, she lande some hard shot on Cyborg but that monster is hard to knock down don’t even get me started on knock out.

I need cyborg needs to face an outstanding grappler/wrestler that can take punches. I cannot imagine another striker been able to KO her.

Based on her looks, maybe her against khabib for the title.


I think they should separe the UFC into entertaiment and actual real fights, have those big fights with all those noisy and funny press conferences and the real fights like tony vs khabib.

Mixing up this B/S is ruining the sport. Don’t get me wrong i do like to watch those fights but they shouldn’t ruin the rankings and championship fights(the real ones).


Every time Khabib steps into the octagon we witness a jaw dropping performance. The hype about him is real. Not only is he a supreme grappler, but he can take a vicious shot too. Goddamn monster.



Is Conor posting on his twitter while drunk?:


He’s some bell end.


The UFC will never pay the money he wants. If they did, he would have never fought Mayweather in the first place.

Everyone is waiting for either the belt to be stripped from Conor, or he’s forced to defend it against Ferguson.


Is he still a likeable character in ireland?


I would say he’s still pretty well liked amongst younger people but he’s also lost a lot of fans with his antics over the last 6 months or so (the racists allegations in the leadup to the Mayweather fight, incident after the Lobov fight, jumping into the cage at the Ward fight). As a fighter I would still have a lot of time for him and i’d watch him any time he wants to return to the Octogon but as a person i’d have very little time for him and i think that would be a fairly common held view at this stage.

One thing that has honestly disappointed me is John Kavanaghs reactions to his antics. I thought that maybe he’d call him out a bit and try get him to re-focus but he’s basically shrugged his shoulders at it.


Is this actually gonna happen? :giroud3:

He’s a dick.


In general I don’t agree but when it comes to McGregor he is yea.


McGregor has probably opened certain doors for Kavanagh which would have been closed otherwise. Hence he wouldn’t feel the need to call him out.



Just strip him already ffs