The Official MMA Thread (Mixed Martial Arts)


After watching his training videos, I’ll be surprised if Barboza last more than 1 round. He will be knocked out or submitted but will be fun to watch, both are top athletes.

The real spectacle will be Holm vs Cyborg, that is going to be an striking war. Looking forward for Dec 30th, very good card to finish the year.


Barboza is going for a ride, can’t wait for this fight.


All that tweet actually does is show what a dick he was for getting himself into the state he did for the ferguson fight.


His previous nutritionist was terrible.


At his level you should be aware and dealing with such things after one camp. Two max. Khabib has had cut issues for years.


He’s had shit advice for years though. I’m guessing he thought he would always have a hard time with the fight weight, compared to what he walks around at.

A change in staff, and he’s now cutting weight like a pro.


I found thisinterview:

He is such a awesome dude and speaks so much truth. Now i like him more


Of course Nate isn’t going to fight Khabib. He’ll either have the trilogy fight with Conor, or never fight again.

And I don’t blame him.


What the fuck is this?


She always does that. Don’t really know why…and haven’t seen it with that many people.


Suffered kidney failure trying to cut to 155 but has plans to move to 145…kden


It wasn’t cutting weight that made him ill, it was HOW he was cutting.


Looking to smash smaller opponents rather than moving up to 170 like RDA. And he talks about doing it for the challenge of fighting the best, for the pride and where he comes from(watch the video I posted above where he says that).

BTW the weigh in just finished and he(khabib) made weight, it was like 155. 5 and Barbara 155. Holly and cyborg both looked like zombies. By far the worst looking during the event.

I thing it was GSP who said he felt sorry for the way she was smashing her opponents, that she was too violent​:ok_hand::joy::joy::joy:, I will look for the interview and post it later.

Tomorrow will be a great night for MMA fans, the card is great., looking forward to watch cyborg she is so exciting to watch fighting.


Certainly doesn’t look like a guy that can make 145. Kevin Lee needs to get himself a nutritionist too, he & Khabib are capable of cleaning this division out if they can make weight comfortably.

Despite what he said, I think the actual plan is 2 fights at 155 and then 170 (IIRC Joe Rogan or Schaub said one of his coaches said this).


Even today he was 500 grams over the 155 mark, imagine him trying to make 145, it would be impossible without affecting his health and performances.


I don’t think he has any intention of dropping to 145. He was just talking shit because his new regimen is so good.


Tbf, he made weight comfortably last night, the new nutritionist definitely did the job. But there’s no way in hell he can make 145.

@Jules Pretty much, if all goes to plan he’ll go up to 170.


Some real dodgy corner work by Justin Buchholz telling Calvillo to keep the fight standing when she was so dominant on the ground in the first round.



Incredible performance by Khabib. Barboza honestly shouldn’t be sent out for the third…

If the first round of that fight isn’t a 10-8 then I don’t know what is.


I need to get myself one of those hats.

Khabib is amazing.