The Official MMA Thread (Mixed Martial Arts)


Max Holloway is a phenom. For me he’s now the best featherweight of all time and we just witnessed the end of an all-time great.


Ngannou KO was amazing, what a sick uppercut.

Aldo just like bisping is getting brutally retired as well. Holloway is a great striker, too big for 145 he should man up and move to 155, he is a great warrior he will do great there, im pretty sure he will destroy edgar in the most embarrasing manner, edgar takes way too much punishment and with this dude striking IQ he will punish Edgar.

In case you want to see it again:

I really dislike to watch Alvarez fights, he is such a boring fighter but this KO was insane:

These 2 really lack precision.


Wow! Holloway was absolutely incredible.

Ngannou knockout was insane. Props to Dan miragliotta for getting in there so quick!


Looks like Stipe v Ngannou is set for Jan 20, at UFC 220.



I was watching soem old clips about the early days of UFC, found some interviews and this dude Gordeau seems as a insane figther, a freak. Those days were really for “mens with cojones”:

He kicked this dude in the face, the most thumbnail of UFC 1 i guess:

His second fight was also very good:

Getting back to current times:

Kahbib talks about the LW division current situation and why he hasnt fought as much as his fans would like.

BTW i like Helwani style but he is a weird dude:

Rampage is a funny mofo.


This is turning into a joke:

Although i dislike the idea of the freak show this transition is becoming, i think Nate can be a decent boxer.

I imagine Nate vs Conor in boxing is what they are looking for, i cannot see and middleweight that can generate that much attention/money to Diaz.



Rico vs Jmal will be a striking war, looking forward to watch that fight tonight.


When you can earn more money in a single boxing match, than you can in an entire UFC career, this is hardly surprising.


Ben Saddik had nothing for Verhoeven after a good combination in the first round. Which really didn’t put Verhoeven in that much problems either. We really need some talent in the heavy weight division.




You are right.


A rematch with Badr


This weekend Dos Anjos fights again Lawler in middleweight.

Will be a great match, both great strikers but i think lawler is too big for dos anjos, if he uses his reach correctly and is on top of his game he sould KO Dos Anjos, RDA has been very inconsistent in the past few fights.


RDA all the way


God damn


Great win by RDA. Dominated every single round but TBH he lacks precision and KO power, after so many ounches landed there was no blood nor even close to a knock down.

Lawler looks slow and stiff, he doesn’t look quick and explosive as before i think at 35 he should reconsider his future, he used to be a great fighter.



219 is fire